Life+Times Premiere: O.W.S. feat. Pusha T “Waterline”



Singer-songwriter O.W.S. isn’t giving too much away about his persona just yet and is currently a faceless artist from the UK. “Waterline,” his debut release since signing to Island Records, is a love ballad that focuses on giving a fizzling relationship one last shot. Anything worth saving deserves a second chance, especially if Pusha T rhymes are involved. The combination of the alluring rasp of the UK crooner’s vocals and Pusha’s signature flow, “Waterline” proves to be a smart move artistically for this debut O.W.S. single.

β€œIt’s not everyday you get the rapper with the number one hip hop album of last year wanting to feature on your record; but as soon as King Push heard “Waterline” he wanted to jump on it. Working with Pusha T was dope and having the support of Kanye & G.O.O.D Music was a blessing. It’s an honor and privilege for them to show their belief in me as an artist and really get behind what I’m doing.” – O.W.S.

  • Marcy B. Hewitt

    What a song . . . thank you for posting this link and thanx to Pusha T & all the good support out there. PEACE & BLESSINGS

  • Marcy B. Hewitt

    Thank you HOV

  • American Hustler

    Man I’m fuckin wid dis shit for real!! This O.W.S kid is The TRUTH!! Vocalzz are Haardddd & PUSHA T on da Track!!BIG!! JAY Z always discovering the Best talent 4real!!!!

  • L boogie

    so Ed Sheeren, Adele, Sam smith and now O.W.S. all from the UK? UK > Rest of the world

  • monique

    whoever this dude is can fuck me while singing that shit in my ear….

  • HOVno1

    HOV strikes gold yet again

  • Jules

    Great! I dig this

  • Jules

    true about the UK

  • Jason Holmes

    if this isn’t a CLASSIC song I dont know what is

  • Honeybee

    WOW very emotional. love you O.W.S and Pusha T

  • Mei Teng

    This is great, love its uniqueness and can hear it’s humbleness. Definitely an iconic song.

  • nathan

    who’s this O.W.S. guy? Vocals on point. HOV, Kanye, Pusha T and GOOD music all co-signing him!! i’m SOLD!!!!

  • suit and tie

    I think Ive jus heard a GOD sing on a track wid Pusha T. This is GOD LEVEL shit y’all

  • Magda

    WOW fml

  • Magda

    this song made me cry, thank u for posting L&T

  • Martin B

    pure class!!

  • blistexxx

    (MTV brought me here) – OWS I’m in love!!!

  • Stefr0cks

    Backing this 110%!! Can’t wait to hear more…

  • Danielle Doherty

    Cat is out of the bag. O.W.S is Oritse Williams from UK boyband JLS.

  • Giovanni Stanco

    he was on the x factor uk in 2008

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