• Anthony Osei

    Don’t taze

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  • Camille J. Williams


  •!/ohhhyeaadarc DB

    it’s crazy when you’re going through a situation and you hear some lyrics or a verse and connect to it on a personal level almost immediately.. profound yet beautiful, good looks and much love to one of the best to ever do it, hov

  • Anonymous

    Hov please stop playing games and go back to dropping every november and shutting down every summer like you used to. Drop that Watch The Throne and then go straight into the new album, your die hard Reasonable Doubt fans need you big homie!! R-O-C!!!

  • Anonymous

    Love EVERYTHING about you and your music. What I know…and what I don’t! In need of a re-up from you!

  • Anonymous

    My Top 5 Favorite Jay songs of all time:
    1) Can’t Knock The Hustle
    2) Dead Presidents (1 and 2)
    3) Lucky Me
    4) Song Cry
    5) Soon You’ll Understand

  • Anonymous

    Alright Mr. Andy WarHOV! I see you Sir all up in them comments, that’s what’s up! Well I would like to personally thank you for this site. Very well done YOU get a 10 out of 10…

  • ill a – z

    Lucky Me is definitely in my top 3.

  • Wendolyne Camero

    And this is exactly how music should make you feel.

  • King Thadd

    Feeling this.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z is one of the all time greatest writers and I cannot wait to teach some of his poetry/songs during my Poetry unit.

    FYI, my all time favorite song by Jay-Z is History.

  • Andy WarHOV

    @D minor Thank you, you are far too kind

  • Anonymous

    Is it me or would Kanye West simply murder the Sade track “Bring Me Home” off the Soldier of Love album?

  • SutterZilla!!!

    By Far The One Of The BEST Sites I’ve Come Across!!! Graceful Bow Mr. WarHOV!! Bravo!!

  • pixiecut

    awesome feature on the Sade track Mr Hov. Love it! Site is mindblowing.

  • Seth Stephens

    “Just keep doin your thing,” he said, say no more

  • Your Lord and Savior

    whew. i’m so glad you put up the lyrics ’cause i didn’t even know you said like half of that lmao. now… you know people have to listen to your verse 4324322 times to comprehend what you’re saying, so pardon me hun. Also, I’m glad you got to collaborate with Sade; I know she was a little reluctant in the beginning, but in the end, it all paid off. =]

  • Bradford J. Howard

    This verse was so genius. Loaded with the double meanings – how can you NOT appreciate “pregnant pause” followed by a pause?! Much less the beautiful son/beautiful sun line… Way to make a great song even better.

  • Anonymous

    You know what would be cool. Hidden pages only accessible through your search based on past lyrics or Jay-Z only things that lead to new pages. You can pay me later.

  • Line Rindvig


    Art-iculation (music note)
    Pop-ping (Ace)

    Thank YOU for publishing Decoded and for making music visual!

  • Jessica Santos

    Amazing! Can’t stop listening to it

  • FebrIan Dak Moonraker

    i like it………..
    goooo goooooooo gooooooo indonesia

  • Anonymous

    Verse of the Year, perfect example of, “What once was loved, Loves no more”
    Accolades to the Great Andy WarHOV

  • Anonymous

    Perfect definition of, “What once was loved, Loves no more”
    Accolades to the Great Andy WarHOV

  • Nicole Phillips

    Thank you for all the good comments people

  • Anonymous

    Jay- you should set up a message board, so we can go and create threads and have open discussions with each other. (not that you need me to tell you what to do) This site is great, much love.

  • Anonymous

    Jay. You should set up a message board, so we, your fans, can create threads and have open discussions with each other. (not that you need me to tell you what to do) Much love, thanks for all you have given us over the years.

  • Anonymous

    im going to set up something called roundtable. (which I’ll be joining) BUT, yes, great idea, thanx. anything to improve the site is welcome.

    thank you thank you……(you know the rest)

    Andy WarHOV

  • Onochie Attamah

    Your the best…keep it rolling!!!

  • James Jones

    you the king hove nice book know is better than you ever for me

  • James Jones

    yo hov nice book, but you is the best rapper hands down fuck the rest,is the roc

  • Jupiter Dimes

    Awesome topic Jay!the words painted are picture perfect……

  • Anonymous

    Yesss Sirrrr “Once again It’s ya boy” You gotta love that verse Now stop playing

  • Cedric Curtis

    Rocnation wardup!!

  • Anonymous

    bring light to the dark from the bottom of my heart i am not going and i want to go even i could go i know my heart couldnt take it. you neva know if you dont try all you do is make me cry decoded fuck bitch victory will neva be mistress.

  • Anonymous

    Katie Combs <3

  • E t i e n n e

    Honnestly the delivery doesn’t match the lyrics..

  • Amar Menes

    Some of the things Jay Z wrote in this rhyme a lot of people can’t even grasp, a lot I’m just beginning to learn and understand now. I always said, just because someone doesn’t go to college doesn’t mean they’re not intelligent, and Jay is a perfect example. The amalgamating of the Moon and the child…genius. I’m glad I stumbled onto this site. Jay if you’re reading this I think you should start your own online magazine, you’re at a point in your life where you can definitely branch into the media circuit, this blog proves that; and I’m qualified to help if you decide to do it and I already have the angle to use and tons of ideas. However, I’m wondering if this rhyme is based off your life, someone you know, or a fictional tale from your head? ‘Cause, if this is about you then this means you were declaring a tale of a love (who’s not Beyonce) that didn’t work out do to situation(s) from your past and that you have a son. I’m not trying to start anything, but I always say how J. Cole reminds me of you.

  • Keith Reynolds

    Jay, I live in Tokyo, Japan, I have been a fan of your music since you were touring with Kane,”My moms took me to one of his shows as a youth, you came out in between sets” I finally got a chance to see you live while standing backstage this past summer at Summer Sonic in Tokyo! Which was on my bucket-list!
    I received your book as a Christmas present and have read it three times since and its now a fixture on my living room table, I conversation piece for those who truly appreciate music. Whats so great about your story or your life is that no matter what profession the reader is in if he/she really takes in the words and metaphors used by you, we all can relate. Thats what makes you such a great artist/entertainer/mentor. I say mentor, because I have never had one, and have always looked at culture Icons such as Bob Marley and yourself as mentors. Taking your story and referencing the similarities with my own. Since reading this book I have realized the power of the word hustle, I have lived its meanings, but never before felt such motivation to believe that anything is possible. No matter what, you are the definition of a hustler! From riding up and down the I95 to Performing at the Presidents Inauguration.

    Keep moving forward, pushing boundaries, influencing the game, and everyone reading this pls keep my brothers and sisters of Japan in your thoughts!

  • Lisa Sara Koorn


  • Anonymous

    you’re far too kind…

  • V R

    moon = jay, sky = sade ??

  • V R

    i meant moon = jay, sky = girl jay was talkin bout on the song??

  • Roger Lyle Quinn

    There was once a rumor that jay had a son. If you google it you will probably get a pic of a kid that looks just like Jay and its not Khalik (his nephew). So the rhyme where he says you pregnant pause…(It came as a shock to him)…When he says Damn your baby tall (Why would he use tall and baby as a description? It means he hasnt seen the child in years)… The door is always open but the window is closed…(It means that they can always talk about it but the oppurtunity for them to get together is closed)… Timing was my mistress its in the stars to love you from a distance (I think this means it was the beginning of his career as the timing was wrong and he would be away alot) Thats how I would of decoded it. I really think this is his real life… Jay tell me if Im right…Not the last part about it being real but if I got the just of the story…

  • nicole politi

    Happy is for the rich not for the needy
    We tryin too hard gettin greedy.
    You bustin ass tryin to make us made
    Me workin the grind of hopin this life will make me.
    Sweat n tears, back is breakin,
    Your bitchin of cleanin, I’m bitchin about makin
    Time for me or you or us, but everythings about
    What they need from us….

    You inspired me! thanks xo

  • Anonymous

    I always find beauty in your lyrics. Also, I cannot stop listening to the radio interview you did with Howard Stern. To come out of the adversity and become such an inspiration to a generation is amazing. Much love and respect.

  • Anonymous

    Man I love this guy j man your the best!!! From your heart you keep it 100,,,, your Loyal that’s what I love! Jay it’s hard for black men to learn loyalty! Jay keep push n! I don’t care if the song was about your own personal life.. Key words personal. I f&ck wit you!!!! aja

  • Bogdana Maria

    awesome !!!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing verse as ever, your an amazing man, poet and an inspiration!

    and is one of Jay-Z’s nicknames Andy WarHOV now? :)

  • MissEighty8

    I’m in love with this verse. I can’t stop listening to it.

  • Worlanyo Grande-Wizardd Thug’e

    Poetry in Motion

  • Paul Edo

    u just have 2 love jay

  • Keith Kerr

    This is why SC is an artist

  • Lucaz

    Amazing, Hov The Goat.

  • Md Whaley

    Jay recently thanks to your book I gained a new understanding of hip-hop. No lie man I thought it was some ignorant stuff at first. I thought that rap destroyed the mind of the youth but through reading decoded I realized that it is more of an expression of the youth. A culture that allows the victim to gain victory by having a voice. I now see that even though some songs are negative it only reflects what the rapper is experiencing. Pac said something along the lines of that as well. Dude we have so much in common man. My dad dipped on me too and I felt abandoned until I realized that it was written in the stars. It made me stronger because like you stated in your book I was able to pick my inspiration. In a way I was able to develop my own ideal father from using multiple inspirations. Don’t know if that makes much since to you. Ironic thing is my dad is from Brooklyn but I live in GA. I believe that the BEST rapper is basically an opinion. It’s the rapper that the listener can relate to the most. It’s beyond style or delivery but more about the appeal of the rapper to the listener and with that being the case you are my favorite. In my opinion you are the greatest to do it. You are doing it bigger than BIG and PAC. You have inspired me more than Eminem and Nas combined. You are more than just a rapper or superstar by more of a symbol. The symbol of the older brother that made it and is now coming back to get the younger siblings and show them an even better way of doing it. Remember Jay that this life isn’t it. I truly believe that there is more. Heaven isn’t on earth because if it was then it wouldn’t be called heaven. I don’t know what’s beyond the stars but I do know that something bigger than this is there. This world is sort of a carbon copy of the real world and the way we live in this life determines our here after. Like you said everything will balance itself out. I wanted to shed more light on hell. In the bible hell not so much a place but more of a condition. Hell is hades. Death. All hate, injustice ect is hell. Fire is Judgment. This is assurance and hope for those that live right because it is saying that one day everything will balance itself out. The evil will not go unpunished. It is basically saying that people that choose to make hell on earth will live in their work. They judge themselves by the way they live. Thats really what it is bro. You are the greatest rapper in my book. Thank you.

  • André Luiz Aquino

    I just brought Decoded! I love Jay-Z

  • Tobi ‘Flu’ Owoade

    aww so wonderful….cant one lyk register on this site or something…for newsletters and all?

  • Anonymous

    Jay, thanks for replying to my comment, I look forward to “roundtable”. Can we expect any tour dates any time soon?

  • Doctor Zeus

    I know you probably don’t need any help designing your own site, but…
    How about a section to put important art and hip-hop info from previous generations? Info on singles like “Beat Bop” and others that were important to the hip hop legacy. Just important information about the hip hop movement that hip-hop/art fans would benefit from learning. Section could be called “Legacy” or something like that.

    Just a suggestion that I thought was cool. I always find myself trying to look some of that up and it would be neat to come to a site like this and be inspired not only from current artists (you) but also from great artists that we rarely hear about anymore.

  • Mike

    thing is, no1 want 2 giive proper credit 2 a man that has done more in this generation 4 all gen’s 2 come, then any1 walking this earth. Wake up, words have meanings, nt just bi the people writtting threm, but 2 the reader reading them. If ur fckin fake dont read thiss, like he ssaid”Skim thru it” jst like u will skim thru life, EXTRA LIT2% ass niggaz. Jay, Luv honor and respect cuz, thank 4 all the years b4 nd lookin 4ward 2 more Business from you, rap is a rap, u did what you could, come bck 2 hip hop, were hipper anywayz. Much LLC
    Michael the Fallin

  • Master H. Isom

    Great verse with Sade, Mr. Carter. Personal and original. Your experiences are yours alone. Conveyance rings a bell. I need some funding for a Beetles song license. Really a tremendous display lyrically; a story concluded, ones are set in place.

  • Brittany Johnson

    Love it!!!

  • N’jeri A. Grubbs

    Simplistic….yet intelligent

  •!/B.J.CARTER.KNOWLES Arianna Santoni

    Andy WarHOV <3 SC you man are the smartest man I know. Im so proud of you ! Much love from Italy

  • Anonymous

    Amazing, absolutely amazing!!!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing, absolutely amazing!!!

  • Raquel Newton

    Your intelligence and respect for art is only exceeded by your ability to draw us by your words. Hov – Jay – your lyrics are timeless. What would rap be if you decided not to come out of retirement? What will business become as you continue to spread your wings? There is still so much more to be done… Unstoppable – Incredible – so far ahead of your time you’re about to pass them twice! Get in touch with me at your soonest convenience…

  • Anonymous

    Hov love your music Bro; I’ve been a true and loyal fan from the first time heard your sound here and there on mix tapes ‘back in the day’; but really hooked once I heard the Original Flavor joint; proud and amazed at your success, especially the ability to sustain in a culture that traditionally has eaten its own or forced out its elders from being able to earn at levels they were accustomed to in the game; so best wishes always; keep rappin till we stop buying fam :-) if you get wack rest assured we will stop!, i know that drives you and that is why you have been so ill with yours. I remember when I had to stop buying KRS1, LL (gasp!) and god forbid…Public Enemy not cause I didn’t want to support them (I did)…it just killed me that they started making wack albums and I was getting jacked at the counter for $15-$21. I had to let go and stop buying their music, so I thank you for your consistency; I was fed up with the ‘two good songs on the entire album syndrome’ while the rest were ‘All-BUMS’.

    On a different front for someone like me all of the interpretation parts of Decoded drove me nuts…I was like really!!? people don’t know that, didn’t get that?, needed that explained? I thought that some of that was over the top but that’s cause parts of my upbringing were similar and not far from Brooklyn. Rest of the book was cool except I needed a Hubble telescope to read the fine print!

    One other thing if i can give a tip if no one has given it; It’s time to make a profanity/sticker free album. No reason to make an announcement about it that you are doing it as far as marketing goes. Just do it in silence like a natural event. You transcend music in a way now that most artists do not and the profanity is taking your music away from venues and ears that should hear it . Of course I will listen to it either way but I personally find it does not have to be laced in your music anymore for me to enjoy it; you just make powerful, good sounding music and have a formula that works so may want to think about it even if just a onetime experiment; I’m sure there will be backlash here over me at this site over me saying that but at the least for my age group it could be also profitable; as I see myself buying multiple copies of your CDs/downloads every time you put something out profanity free so I can hand one to my son who has followed my lead and is also a big fan because of me and his attachment to your sound and style. A 2nd generation Jay-Z fan…yeah you are heading in Rolling Stones territory. My son has no idea who Melle Mel or Kool Moe D, Fearless Four, etc. is even though I let him listen to them too. Embrace your position. There is no one else out there like you in Hip Hop no matter what the young cats think (BHOP got it right). Kanye looks poised to do similar work(not Little Wayne or Drake not unless they get new voice boxes..their voices work for two songs tops with me….then it’s on to the next one..they are very talented and making good music…but their voices (arrrgh)…I just can’t do it very long, a man’s got limit’s. Just being real!

    Lastly that Beyoncé song 1+1 is Whoa! yeah I had to go back! I’m old school. Great song!


  • frank maina

    lyrically amy winehouse now this is deeper than rap,this is a classic ogarsm of hip hop under a mango tree in november rain…..u roc”d it hov

  • Fathi Moallin

    your best lyrics are the grammy family freestyle with flex, that has to be the best in all rap better than biggie and pac, yes i said it, you are better than them, no one wants to admit it because it is such a shocking thing to say but it is the truth, Grammy family freestyle has the best syntax, rhetoric, melody, it is an absolute eargasm

  • Kesha Blue

    Jay Z,

    You are one Hell-of-a-man. I loVe who you are and haVe become. EVerything you do is so transparent to me. I do miss hearing some of your music but I know you’Ve matured and I loVe it.

    LoVe Peace and Happiness,
    Kesha Blue

    PS: Id like to write for L&T:)

  • Catherine DeCourcey

    Learned much from your book, and now from your music. Kudos! Required reading in my upcoming classes … would be grateful for any suggestions from the source himself.

    Thank you for making the stories accessible to even more people.

  • Anonymous

    I just wanna say a few things and hope you actually do read these…first off that song you did with Pete Rock & Kanye West was classic!! the lyrics you put on that track was crazy so was Kanye’s and Pete Rock gave you another one of his classics beats….pls do more collabo’s like that wit Pete Rock cause he get’s overlooked sometimes and he is a BEAST on the boards…secondly I love how you handle the whole YMCB or whatever the acronym is for them…Baby constantly running around makiing sure he let’s everybody know how rich he is and Drake taking lil shots hear and there cause I think deep down he wanted to ride wit the Roc cause it’s more his style…kinda like when Dr. Dre was wit Deathrow he was a fish outta water and I just see Drake not feeling comfortable fitting into that whole gangsta/rapper lifestyle they have over at YMCB they are trying to be the new Deathrow having gang ties and do music but I will leave with this….a real connected man will never admit he is connected it’s always the fake ones that always run around screaming they are…..JUST PLEASE let the whole world see the throne is not is not for the taking just yet….I know this album will deliver……………………….UNO Dj Drew

  • Shalani

    Yes boss, u shut this track down. No further explanation to express my gratification–> genius=Hovi_baeby

  • Doctor Zeus

    Lets get another decoded up here. The same one has been up for way to long.

    “Lies on the lips of a priest/Thanksgiving disguised as a feast” -Jay off Watch the Throne

    What do you guys think “Thanksgiving disguised as a feast” means? Thoughts, post them.

  • Anonymous

    Probably been done before but thought id post up any way.. Carried this around for over 11 years.. Similarities between soon you’ll understand and scarface. From manolo’s perspective. You were my best friends sister grown woman and all, Tony montanas sister, manolo had an eye on her … I watch u mature …. He is there when she goes thru her downs and ups, was there when your boyfriend ditched you, at the night club when she gets into altercation with her dude, lifes a B you cried over my right shoulder I told you to wipe your eye, He drove her home and consoled her, if your brother found out that you was hugging me my concience is F’n with me…Tony had told him to stay away from his sister so he knew he would disprove of the relationship.. Gina please don’t love me.. Tony’s sister name was Gina..

    always love and admiration and respect for all your dedication…

  • Melissa Jackson

    I am a librarian in DC at Ballou Senior High. Inspired by the book Decoded by Jay -Z — I am making the book a must read for the school year (principal -favorite book) …students will Decode their life using digital media to share their story with the world. I am looking forward to the creativity the students will do to share their story like JAY-Z!

  • Derrick Warren

    This Verse is Unbelievable! Definitively My Favorite Verse of all time Reminds me of my situation jay makes it look so easy

  • Derrick Warren

    This Verse is Unbelievable! Definitively My Favorite Verse of all time Reminds me of my situation jay makes it look so easy

  • Anonymous

    I think “thanksgiving disguised as a feast”…is talking about how we really stole this land from the native americans. and that we claimed it be a celebration and a feast but really it was a lie and a brutal betrayal

  • Anonymous

    also, jay…whats up with ROUNDTABLE? I see the link, but nothing comes up when I click on it

  • Mr. Horton

    Hey Jay would it be a good idea to make a Decoded section to decipher a section of lyrics maybe once or twice a month? Us as users and fans would post a question about a verse and you explain it. I’m stuck on this line u said back in 2001 on 20 Bag Shorty and I hope u didn’t mean it in a certain way. Anyways enough of me trippin’. The website is BEASTY and congrats on partnering w/ BBC!!!!

  • sedric Williams

    Some nice bars here

  • Joel Odd

    hova 4 eva……!!!!!!

  • Lucifer

    Hey Jay, it’s time to show these mothers who they messing with. God I love this Pain and Sorrow. I love how many Lies I’ve turned into Truth. I love how this message becomes encrypted and seen by Jay Z’s own eyes. Frappy Reigns on High!

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