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“I started thinking about the concept of the Blind Barber while still in college and working part time at a salon called Ted Gibson. I had always been interested in the salon world; my mother hired me as a Front Desk Coordinator when I came home one year from college and my pizza-delivering job was no longer available to me. At first, I was a bit reluctant to work in a salon, but quickly it became something I was very interested in, plus, there is nothing wrong with being surrounded by women all day” – Jeff Laub; Founder, Blind Barber.

One of the new kids on the East Village block, Jeff Laub’s Blind Barber is a salon by day and laid back bar by night. The crowds are flocking, and Laub, along with his dog Batman, have situated themselves as the Kings of Avenue B. Here’s his playlist, songs that will ease you into the dog days of summer. Earphones in, head high….let’s ride.

“My Boo (BALAM ACAB Remix)” by Ghost Town DJ’s

“This is hands down one of my favorite dance tracks of all time. This remix is the complete opposite of the original but still find myself just bouncing back and forth. Lately I have been really feeling this type of slow, distorted style”

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  • Brian Morris

    South Jersey in here baby!!! Congrats

  • Elizabeth Ann


  • Rob T


  • William Young

    its called Dubstep Its Far from New. matter Fact Dubstep is going Mainstream and people like you that take a Dubstep track like the one you stole from flux p for the song Who Gon Stop Me. you and west ruined it

  • Shannen OFWGKTA

    Word yo that shit was horrific. Hate to spread hate but get it straight, that song was hot.. When it was on tape. smh

  • Shannen OFWGKTA


  • Sarah Hardman

    loved it

  • Alex


    Your vision is being destroyed by rude staff. They do not, give off a friendly welcoming vibe. They treat guests rudely and talk down to them as if they were children. Who wants to go to a bar that disrespects you and treats you and your friends like #$%%? Get new bouncers and treat people nicer or your lounge will quickly fade into a seedy crowd.

    The tide is turning, people are talking about how horrible you treat your guests. Make this true again… “The Blind Barber is a home. Whether you’ve been there one time or 100, we treat everyone the same. When I was younger and friends would stop over to my house, my mom would always say “It’s very nice to meet you, would you care for anything to drink? Here are the cups, here are the drinks, here’s the food, you’re on your own, now you’re family.” And that’s the vibe we give off at The Blind Barber. Welcome.”

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