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As Childish Gambino readies his debut album Camp, he gives Life+Times an exclusive look the behind the scenes at the making of the record, courtesy of photographer Ibra Ake. Camp will be released on November 15, 2011 on Glassnote Records.

  • Señor Inkognitó

    CG and the RZA connect!!!

  • Señor Inkognitó

    CG and the RZA connect!!!

  • Narcissus


  • Alvin Colon

    I feel like I’m one of the only people out there anticipating this album. Everyone who’s a hip-hop head should be amped for Donald Glover to show dude’s he’s for real…Again

  • Alvin Colon

    I feel like I’m one of the only people out here antcipating this album. I hope all hip-hop heads appreciate Donald’s love and art. He’s something special. Hopefully more people can see that. If only 10 albums are sold of CAMP I’m make it a point to buy all 10 and give 9 away.

  • Andrew Calagna

    Camp isn’t his debut alumb

  • Devin John

    it is his debut album, first even studio released album. all others were Eps. its going to be EPIC.

  • Jay

    Devin John, So the 12 songs totaling 40 minutes on Sick Boi, 14 songs totaling 52 minutes on Poindexter and 15 songs totaling 57 minutes on Culdesac were just EPs?

  • Nate Lam

    Jay, Camp is his first studio album that will be mass released in digital vinyl and CD form under his record label Glassnote REcords thus being his first official debut album . Like How J,Cole ‘s Sideline story is his debut album despite previously releasing mixtapes

  • AF

    This is going to be a sick album. Cul de Sac is one of my go-to albums right now and I Am Just a Rapper pt. 1 & 2 are awesome. And if his latest releases are any indication of the direction this album is going, we’re in for a real treat.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really looking forward to this ablum!

  • Andrew

    in a year that had a Jay-Z & Kanye album, J Cole, Lil Wayne and Drake studio release…this is the one I’m most excited about. HUGE fan..

  • Apekind

    Won’t be buying. I’ll check out all the shit on YouTube to see if he MAYBE has one or two good songs where he doesn’t rap about his dick, bitches, being a hipster, or say the word shit in every two lines. That tends to be a rarity, so I wont get my hopes up.

  • Alex Brett

    I’m just praying I’ll be able to get this album in Australia. PRAYING.

  • TylerScruggs

    As far as I’m concerned, this is his 4th Studio Album….. BECAUSE THAT”S WHAT IT IS. He has 2 mixtapes, 1 EP, and 4 albums.

  • JeVonn Murray

    Apekind, he has such a large amount of songs that don’t have anything to do with those topics. It always saddens me to hear people say that.

  • Reggie W

    Fuck the haters. He raps what he feels, and that’s what I want to hear. So what if it’s about bitches and hipsters, that’s his life and he raps about it. Gonna be dope! Its a buy for sure.

  • Anonymous

    I like this guy, but I love this site. Just discovered it right now! Loves it….

  • Anonymous

    Camp is is his third, but debut album. Sick Boi and Pointdexter counted as albums but not mainstream. That is the reason Camp is his DEBUT album – it’s going mainstream. EP was his only EP.

  • Aaron Peck

    Don’t forget about Culdesac. I hope he has success but radio edit Gambino is a lot of missed punchlines.

  • Archer

    Just because it’s the first one the masses hear, doesn’t mean it’s his debut album. I hate that thinking. EPs are usually 4-5 tracks (or less) and around 25-30 minutes, though some full albums clock in below the 40-minute mark. He’s really only had one EP which was titled EP.

  • Anonymous

    Just getting into the Gambino, really excited about this album. Been bumping Culdesac and EP religiously.

  • Angelina Veronica

    i want to get this album it should be good.

  • PiXelz Center

    Nice photo album.

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