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“Don’t Judge Me” – Chris Brown

Nasri: I stared that record with a guy named Mark Pellizzer one of the writers we work with. Mark and I were just sitting in the studio and I just kind of started singing the hook. I was going through it with a girl and I just started messing around with don’t judge me and I won’t judge you. Then that night, in my bedroom I kind of started writing lyrics old-school. We just started putting it together from there.

Adam: It was a pretty natural transition from something that Nasir was writing with Mark playing acoustic guitar. It was just a regular song, a ballad almost, but it was just written in the right way where it made sense to kind of take it into a little more of an Urban atmosphere. That just felt natural. Nasri comes up with great ideas pretty much everyday, but sometimes I can’t necessarily see what he’s seeing, but with this song it flowed right out and I was like let’s do it like this. And then Chris heard it. I think Nasri went in – it was Chris’ last days of recording for Fortune. It was the same day The Underdogs bought in “Turn Up The Music,” so “Turn Up The Music” and “Don’t Judge Me” came to Chris on the same night. Nasri and Harvey of The Underdogs were there at the studio at the same time, they each played a record and they both became the singles that came out. The whole room was like “what is this record?” It had a real kind of dept to it. Chris really appreciates what we do. Our records are usually different from his straight up Pop-Dance records or his real Urban records. It’s usually a little bit deeper also. Chris loves Nasri and the way Nasri writes in a way that is like really meaningful and kind of deep, but also cool and fresh. It doesn’t get sappy.

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