Respect the Shooter: Aviva Klein



Regardless of the subject, for Brooklyn-bred photographer Aviva Klein, every person is a character. For every shot – whether they be artists, movers and shakers or even just her friends, she seeks to tell the story within the person. Here, Klein gives the background on some of her favorite photos that she’s taken.

Ms. Lauryn Hill

“To say I’m a Lauryn Hill fan is an understatement. I’ve always thought her voice and words had a divine quality and I feel like this photograph captures that spirit. This image was taken this past summer at Rock the Bells in Randall’s Island.”

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12 Responses to Respect the Shooter: Aviva Klein

  1. Wendi Baity says:

    Lauryn Hill is like Chicago Bulls when they was the DYNASTY….She has tapped into all of her God giving talents, she has tapped into her truths, her knowings and awakenings.

  2. Mike Killmon says:

    Love this! Go Aviva! You Are Amazing! Love me and Mya.. nyaahahaha. #nowplaying lauryn hill unplugged while i am checking out ur blog! holiday! celebrate! go girl!!

  3. Genie Rogers says:

    Aviva your photographs are too wonderful for words, I love the liner notes too, and I love you Genie Rogers

  4. Ebby Divine says:

    wow how i like this pic !

  5. Susan Rags says:

    hi,i like the the photographs. an o m g* moment for me and,they tell many a story.i especially like some of the backgrounds you have chosen…the wood, the bricks… the dark and light….my friend’s guy once took photographs of her….mergerd within floorboards,which i said could mean he liked to walk all over her…and he took some of me topless merged into yorkshire -stone from the moorland of yorkshire uk…which we said maybe? it meant he wanted to bury me in the stone wall? fehintola,did not like me! …lilsu,key

  6. Susan Rags says:

    Hi,i really think these images are something else,i love the way you merge the backgrounds within some of the photographs,the wood,the bricks…and all the stories an o m g moment for me…my friends guy is into photography…he took pics of her merged into floorboards,which i said might mean that he likes to walk all over her? he took some of me merged within a brick wall and i said maybe he wants to bury me…my friend and i laughed as fehintola did not like me,or our friendship…please use more mature people in some of your pics? Frank Serpico~paco would be a great subject ? lilsu,key

  7. Steven Odige says:

    Lauryn Hill… questlove… diplo… great people….Lauryn looks great in this pic… she really captured Hill in her element in this picture.

  8. I love the Angie portrait. I love the way you capture the moment with the sky. This a beautiful pic. Everything about it. Keep doin your thing Aviva.

  9. SooJin Woo says:

    O hoo;;; I saw an anger at first picture..his arm seem to wings

  10. Aboslutely love this photo of one of my musical sheros

  11. winnie scott says:

    beautiful…raw musc raw talent

  12. Jet Spectre says:

    Thank you for a beatiful photo.

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