Producer Symbolyc One Breaks Down Producing For Kanye West, Watch The Throne, Pusha T & More



“Power” – Kanye West

“I created the beat for “Power” about six months prior to Kanye hearing it. Rhymefest called me one day to send him some beats over, because he was out in Hawaii in the studio with Kanye. He said if he got the opportunity he would try to play them for Ye. I sent a batch of beats over to him then about two weeks later I received a text from Rhymefest that said, “Kanye is lovin’ your stuff. He says he’s about to change your life.” The next day I’m heading to Hawaii to work with Kanye. There were so many versions of “Power” because Ye had so many ideas for it. When he said he put 5000 hours into this song I can attest to that. From multiple verses, choruses, arrangements, mixes, etc. It was 5000 hours easy. When I flew back out to Hawaii for the second time to work on the album that’s when I found out that it was gonna be his first single. “Power” was actually my first major placement.”

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