JAY Z “Magna Carta… Holy Grail” Album Cover



Located in the United Kingdom, The Salisbury Cathedral, home to one of the four surviving original 1215 Magna Carta documents, has become the site which debuted JAY Z’s Magna Carta… Holy Grail album cover art.

The installation will be on display at the Salisbury Cathedral Chapter House through the month of July. See the installation below.

JAY Z’s new album Magna Carta… Holy Grail is available early to eligible Samsung users who have downloaded the #magnacarta app. The album will be released globally on July 9th and is available for preorder now on iTunes. Click here to preorder.

43 Responses to JAY Z “Magna Carta… Holy Grail” Album Cover

  1. kae says:

    looks photoshopped

  2. Marlo Lacen says:

    Going all in for the Illuminati nuts…….I like it. I’m sure this art work is sending them into a tailspin.

    • Ahmad Willis says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Wait I thought Egyptian symbols was illuminati, now roman or Greek artwork should be considered as well? This is so confusing

      • Cody Sielawa says:

        If anyone in our society knew anything about the Illuminati maybe we could get some intelligent conversation going.

        “Illuminism” draws from the symbology of all the mystery schools of antiquity. No society of illuminated people would confine themselves to the symbology of one culture.

        And @marlolacen:disqus .. Both Jay and J. Cole’s album covers show the principal of Duality, which isn’t confined to members of the Illuminati. Nobody’s even saying anything about Ab-Soul rapping about Bohemian Grove and Chacras .. just shows people are completely ignorant to the topic they’re trying to discuss. Quit jumping to conclusions and pick up a book. You can start with The Kyballion. #illuminate

        Jay’s obviously reading about the mystery schools, duality, hermeticism, the occult, etc. Intelligent people read about intelligent topics. Keep watching MTV and see if you learn something.

    • Excalibur says:

      Illuminati nuts? The only “nut” here is you. You are blinded by the god of this world.

      • Immanuel Nwachukwu says:

        You sound like one of them 😛

      • Marlo Lacen says:

        Why are you on his website if you think he’s some kind of “whatever” you think about this secret society. This is a convergence of visual and musical art and should be celebrated….Jay is constantly on the cutting edge and making history. Well done Mr. Carter!

  3. MIQ VERSE says:

    Very artsy! I Like!

  4. joao batista says:

    Whats the freaking point of just having a stripe…… covering the words.

    Trying too hard

  5. Adi Pre says:


  6. DEmo says:

    very fresh

  7. Jeffrey MrBillboard Williams says:

    Brilliant! Enough said!

  8. Jpat says:

    thats big right there

  9. Jasmine Art-Genius Lové says:

    I’m speechless. ❤

  10. Mcfadden Bharley says:

    While people disqus wheter he is illuminati or not he sold a million copies of an album no one has ever heard yet…. such is the phenom that is Jay Z… now chew on that…. cant wait for the album to drop for us Apple people…

  11. Winfrey Young says:

    Playin’ with the human mind

  12. Anonymous says:

    This was really smart of the Britons to do this.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I do not believe in the Illuminati. I think its all nonsense however this was a good thing for Britain.

    • Anonymous says:

      Illuminati is the top people from all the secret societies. The mafia, the triads, catholics, freemasons and anyone else with executive power over a country effectively.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is going to be a big tourist attraction for this place because of this. Very Smart.

  15. Marlo Lacen says:

    Listened to MC Holy Grail “I Heart Radio Takeover” yesterday. Fresh sound, be glad to hear it in it’s entirety on 7/9.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Who is Jay-Z? Does he know Jay-D?

  17. Dominic says:


  18. Babzido says:

    This Album cover is dope

  19. Tausha Sabin-Lee says:

    For Black Americans everywhere I thank you JAY!! For my boy…I thank you! #LETSGOGETEM

  20. PimpSkirt says:

    It *must* be an honor to be able to display your artwork among such a historical collection and to pretty much be artiFACT from here on out..

  21. Robert Darby says:

    For all you suckers out there, illuminatti is simply your world banking system. But Yes if you dont know what it means it is scary. Watching a Michael Jackson documentary I once heard, “ther good pub and bad pub. But strange pub is the best publicity”

  22. Frank Charlot says:

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  23. Frank Charlot says:

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  24. liberty says:

    i love your new Album Magna Carta Jay 🙂

  25. The Florist says:

    Here’s the thing guys. The truth about Hova’s Illumination is no where near the common conspiracy theory camp. The reason he laughs at the references is because it’s actually funny.

    While there may or may not be a secret society of people who run the world, there is absolutely a society of secrets that have created monumental art and “protected Beauty” since at least Periclean-age Greece. At the time, they were known as the Knights of Paphos and they exist in some form or fashion today. I know because I am one. We have no designs on world domination, only to create masterworks of art both tangibly and with our lives.

    It is my belief that Jay has at least stumbled upon the Mysteries, if not become an initiate himself. It’s a powerful school of thought for artists, especially as stellar as he is.

    Here is why I think he has studied under this school:

    1. The opening hook to “Heaven” contains references to “heaven”, “the gates”, “bowing down before your highness” and how “heaven tastes”. Now, most religions that have a concept of Heaven also use terms like “gates” and “bowing down”. However, the strangeness comes in when you add in “your highness” and heaven’s “taste”. These only make sense when you know that the symbolic goal of the Knights of Paphos was to “enter the Diamond Gate” and the ritual practiced to achieve this was bowing to the “Age’s Embodiment” (a Queen – your highness), and tasting her “heaven” (literally, kissing her genitals – a representation of heaven).

    2. The first verse references arm, leg, head – a reference to “The First Cyprian Commandment”, which I cannot repeat here.

    3. The next seven things he lists correspond to seven principle needs of humans, as believed by this school.

    4. He then makes fun of people who think his talent must come from being in the Illuminati. Instead, he is one of the artists of the world with a natural connection with the Current, that, when cultivated, can lead to untold riches, fame, glory and art.

    5. “Getting ghost in the Ghost” is almost a direct quote from the initiation ceremony “Into the Diamond Gate”.

    6. “Have Mercy on a Judas”? – The Paphos school says that Judas was not a traitor, but a loving disciple that would risk everything to accomplish what was asked of him.

    7. “I confess, God in the flesh, Live among the serpents” – One of the “founding myths” of the Paphos school is a version of the story of “Eve” that does not follow the sinful journey of the Bible’s depiction. The serpent, Sophia, represents knowledge and the making of human (flesh) into gods.

    8. Now, let’s look at the album cover. By crossing out certain words, Jay is calling Basquiat (whom he calls by name on the album), an avowed follower of the Paphos school.

    9. He also hired Basquiat’s photographer, Ari Marcopoulis, to shoot the cover, a photograph of the statue Alpheus and Arethusa. The myth of Alpheus and Arethusa is part of Paphosian lore and is concerned with an artist’s (Arethusa) intermingling with the source of all creativity – the Current – represented here by the river god Alpheus.

    10. The album’s title combines two things – freedom and heaven – two essential tent poles in Paphosian philosophy. Freedom, however, isn’t for everyone in this case. Real freedom is only achieved by reaching the rarefied air that Jay-Z has (he has often referenced this). And the Holy Grail is THE “pearly gate” of Paphos – literally Aphrodite’s pearly (her clitoris) gate (her vagina). Yes, this is the same Holy Grail that has given rise to centuries of speculation about Mary Magdelene, etc. The Magdelene is a patron saint of this mystery school.

    There’s more, but that’s enough to get the point across

    • Norella B says:

      @the_florist:disqus –
      Why does he wear aleister crowley clothing then?….. supposed most wicked man to ever live!!
      If Jay z is so enlightened with *mysteries* then why does he continuously mock Christianity? Jayz… jigga…jay-z.. jay z with-a-line-through-it….hoova, hova.. whatever the dude goes by now, he is nothing more than a counterfeit!! He is so washed up that he has to resort to this????
      WoW! Dude is no artist, and he is certainly is no kind of role model to that innocent child he fathered…just look at the names of his songs and albums! He will be just about as far from heaven as one can get unless he starts reading the Bible instead of rippin’ it off. Wake up

      • The Florist says:

        Just because you disagree with Crowley doesn’t automatically make him the most wicked man in the world. I can think of several more wicked. Also, many “enlightened” people mock Christianity. Christianity itself, at least in its current form (which doesn’t at all resemble the original), is one of the most unenlightened dogmas out there.

        Remember than when the collected Christian scriptures refer to the creation of light itself it uses rather unenlightened theories. “God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.” – Genesis 1:16 (NIV)

        Um, the sun IS a star. And the moon isn’t even a light, but a mirror.

        Anyway, Crowley was many things. Wicked, likely. The MOST wicked, hardly. Non-Christian, certainly. But his entire adult life was spent seeking enlightenment (light). Thelema, OTO, Masonry, are all mystery schools with enlightenment at their core. Crowley was involved with, or created all of them.

        Fortunately, there are many sources of light. If you want to use fluorescent light, I can’t fault you just because I prefer incandescent. But if you want to stand in the shadows and call it light, I can try to light a candle.

        Speaking of light (and this is probably more for others reading this than you, Norella). Here’s an interesting “connection” that is very Cyprian (Knights of Paphos):

        Lux – Latin: “bright, light”

        Lux Aeterna – eternal light

        Luxus – an abundance of sumptuous enjoyment, a certain lack of restraint

        Luxuria – lust, indulgent sexual desire (and the last – the goal – of an Artist’s Vices)

        Put THAT on a shirt, Hov.

    • The Florist says:

      Ended up going to see Jay at Soldier Field on Monday. Great show – was actually much better than I expected since I don’t really like MCHG as much as I’d like to. So much symbology straight from Paphos it was unreal. If I sort of believed it before, I truly believe it now. Jay knows his Cyprianism.

      Was even doing the hand sign of the “Diamond Gate” and the “Watchful Eye”, which many people confuse as Masonic, or Illuminati-esque. It’s not. It’s not a pyramid or triangle, folks. It’s a vagina. Google “hand sign for vagina” and you’ll see, unless all those folks are Masons.

      To quote Jay’s cohort, Ye: “Pussy and religion is all I need”.

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