DECODED: JAY Z “Paradise”



“The thought behind the verse is, anyone with a disability, just wants a sense of normality – that’s why they’re competing in these games. That was the idea to make the verse as inclusive for as many people, and to make it as normal as possible. It’s influenced by so many different things. There are parts that are influenced by Gabby Douglas, there are parts that are influenced by Ryan Lochte, and by Serena Williams.”


I deserve a gold medal, get on my level/
I deserve platinum plaques, to match my bezel/
I walk around with five rings [“five rings” being the Olympic Rings], so pimpish/
Welcome to the Paralympics/
It’s paradise, this is the story of Gabby/
It’s paradise, it’s paradise/
Tears in her eyes, she sacrificed, he sacrificed, she paid the price/
This is everything, everything she ever dreamed/
She had nightmares she wouldn’t be here, she made the team/
From the projects to the podium, accepting awards with my Rollie on/
Gettin’ Gold medals with my grill in [Ryan Lochte, obviously]/
C-walking, cause all they see is a villain [Serena, obviously]/
More belts than Phelps, Merry Christmas, my presence is felt/
Gold medals around my throat/
You can take everything, except the hope of reaching paradise.

“It can relate to everybody. ‘You can take everything,’ means whether through some tragedy you lost a limb, like an arm or a leg. Or, it could be something like you lost the mortgage to your house. That’s pretty much the idea.” – JAY Z

15 Responses to DECODED: JAY Z “Paradise”

  1. Yira Arias says:

    amazing. You’re a great man

  2. Danté Richmond says:

    And this my friends, is why he’s the best rapper.

  3. Danté Richmond says:

    And this my friends, is why he’s the best rapper.

  4. Danté Richmond says:

    And this my friends, is why he’s the best rapper.

  5. Jm Manequin says:

    See why you’re my biggest inspiration ?

  6. Jm Manequin says:

    See why you’re my biggest inspiration ?

  7. Marcy Hewitt says:

    Kudos to you for putting this song into words and on paper. I don’t think I could ever adeqately express how appreciative I am for this.

  8. kudos the greatest dead or alive

  9. Xam On This says:

    Ah! Jay Hov They never could be other than ,the realness of lines,lyrics so tights like the belt round the waist….you killed it all ma even in your 40’s still fresh like the new ages mm

  10. willy jimenez says:

    . ….

  11. Sarah says:

    Any chance of getting the full verse please?

  12. Paa Kwesi says:

    this is wat i call Rap Muzik

  13. Bruce says:

    I would love for Jay to decode Watch The Throne, starting with the title. To be able to depict what an artist is saying through his music is the beauty of it all. The rise to the top, and boasting much so where he is in life is the core of his last album from what I am able to grasp. Would I be wrong to say Watch The Throne is not very much so that, but Watch The Thrown? On top of your game and watching everyone else get thrown around to make it where you are. In history it shows that a King’s head had to be cut off in order for one to be able to wear the crown. On this album the artist are both Kanye and Jay. The perception of it all is to see it one way, but for it to be clearly holding a different meaning. Songs are known to hold carry such attributes, but to name a album and do so as well goes well over y’all heads. Both Kanye and Jay Z are geniuses in this perspective. Much Respect!

  14. adefemi onanuga says:

    King Hov gets better with time…like wine

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