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“Jump” – Kriss Kross

“It was the beginning of me knowing what it feels like to write a hit. I wrote this entire song in like 30 minutes. That’s the first time the lyrics just jump out at me. That became the thing for me to know when a record was going to literally jump off. The lyrics was just in the air somewhere. As soon as I created the beat the word “jump” and the putting their name in the record came to me. Usually somebody would over-think to do a record like that trying to put all of those pieces together, but with this song it happened so organically. It was also like the first time for me to know what it feels like to create a record at that pace. I had never wrote a song at that pace, that fast. It might have been a collaboration of the kids and me feeling their whole flow. It just came out of nowhere. It was super easy to record with them, because they were like sponges. They just soaked up everything that I did. They couldn’t believe it was their song, so they did it with much more excitement than I probably did in the demo. [laughs]

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