Check the Credits: Elijah Blake Tells The Stories on Writing Hits For Usher, Rihanna, Trey Songz & More



“Climax” by Usher

“It was a risk to do a song that went against the radio ‘formula’ at that time, trying to bridge the gap between R&B and electronic, but it paid off big. It takes a staple artist such as Usher for people to be open to that kind of change too, so I’m blessed to be apart of his legacy and that song. I remember when I first walked into the studio he asked me, ‘What are you here for?’ I answered like any young, anxious 21-year-old would: ‘I’m here to write.’ He paused and said, ‘Wrong answer. History man, we’re here to make history.’ That we did. “Climax” became his longest running number one, ever.”

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