Bring It On



On the eve of the release of his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story, Life+Times captures J. Cole waxing poetically about his music, his growth and what the future holds. J.Cole’s Cole World: The Sideline Story will be released on 9/27/2011.

22 Responses to Bring It On

  1. Damien Lemon says:

    Good set up video. I hope the album is dope.

  2. J.Cole is better than Jay-Z right now.

  3. J.Cole is better than Hov right now!

  4. naveed siddique says:

    can’t wait for sept 27th!! COLE WORLDDDDDDDD


    @Vegard Moller You Liar You!


    On another note cant wait for that Cole album.

  7. how can we downloads this videos

  8. RUN and PRE-ORDER the album on AMAZON!! that’s all that matter,

  9. Bryan Janes says:

    J. Cole is awesome – but DEFINITELY NOT better than HOV!!

  10. Bryan Janes says:

    J. Cole is awesome – but DEFINITELY NOT better than HOV!!

  11. John Capers says:

    Cole the shit he a beast witout questin but lets get real this man not better then hov you really cant even compare them till cole is at least 3 albums in he aint even dropped sideline story yet

  12. George Perez says:

    He said better than Hov right now! which i can Agree with

  13. Disrespect for writing that cole > Hov comment. Especially on this site.

  14. Sarah says:

    Cole World make way for the chosen one! already got my copy on pre-order. cannot wait to rinse it. And see Cole twice in November! Genius.

  15. Jamaal Teagle says:

    Hope the album is as good as I think it will be.

  16. I can’t wait for this Classic… Cole World

  17. V R says:

    Bring it on Colee. Good mornin fayettenam!

  18. Dimeji Ajayi says:

    who ever’s wpmdering you can go on amazon and preorder coles album he’s righ tunder lil wayne in sales lets go double plat jus have to spread the word COLE WORLD

  19. will time saw cole it for some change walk thougth person stages and did things when he J/R STORE SUMMER SAW A GOOD AND STILL DO SHOW JUST NEW YORK CITY GROUP AND HIT STAGE CRAZY SO will be from him work when cd drope get it ever ever good things J COLE SHOW IT ALL A BOUT WHEN OTHER YOUNG SAY HE BETTER EVER HAD THERE WAY DOING THNGS JAY LIKE J COLE SO OTHER WHO IS THE BEST OR SAY THEY CAN HELP EACH other so that up

  20. Rza Miguel says:

    And could i be a star,
    does fame in this game have to change who you are?
    could i be the same one who came from a far away life,
    just to make it in this broadway lights,
    now shining in the broad day light, go figure,
    a slow transition from a lil broke nigga from the Ville,
    Got a deal a real life saver,
    dreams of being behind the Will like Jada,
    i chill now, cop a lil ice later, Cole you go the glow like a lil lightsaber,
    so clap for him, then applaud Hov, he gave him the platform
    flow so sick thought he wrote the rap for him,
    no sir,
    the flows cold as a shoulder of a gold digging hoes when a broke nigga approaches,
    told ya I’m focused man, I’ll let you muthfuckers soak it in,

    I LIKE THIS PART OR A STAR IS BORN_J will you do better!

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