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  • ponichki

    If you want open your facebook page for your fans, Hov!

  • Www.Bentheloop.Com

    “The city is mine”

  • Whozdat84

    Reflecting is a great way to move ahead. Reflections are good to see your own growth. Vision is a gift and foresight is a blessing. Continue to strive for bigger and brighter things and challenges are made for us to experience success.

    -Whozdat84 (Dreamers)

  • Vitoria Dominique

    Beautiful Jay ♥

  • LO Lutero

    “All I have is dreams, nobody else can see, nobody else believes, nobody else but me!”. Thanks for the cool views!

  • LO Lutero


    Time waits for no man that stands in front of the clock listening to it tick and tock  with no understanding of how to read the marks and hands.  
    What about back when it was not a custom for brothers and sisters of dark skin to know when, exactly in the moment what time it truly was.
    Even today, It burdens my burdens when I see young women and men of all blends not able to tell me that a quarter to 8 is in fact 7:45 or even use their common sense in error and guess 25 minutes prior to the hour.  But then what’s so common about time, besides it waits for no man. 
    Oh time, the moments you’ve missed from the wrists below clenched fists and the walls that never were or never witnessed by my mams and sirs. 
    Just suns and moons, no noons, no midnights, just dawn to daylight to darkness and them again…
    Picking cotton with no cotton Picken mind on the day or time. Tick:Tock
    Delayed for decades, never late for dinner, nowhere important to be before,  so please just bare with us, if you trust the long and short hands used to tell you it’s 12:22 you’d better believe those with pricks, bruises, nicks, contusions cracks and splits will adapt and succeed to the new age.
    I’m Unsure of the era where they were allowed to share a minute in unison of the hour of the day of the week of the month and year.  When it finally mattered where we gathered and chattered before first period was employed and they locked us out for being tardy, not recognizing how very far behind time we truly were.  
    Expecting that we stop picking cotton and pick up logic and knowledge from books of words that we’d never heard. 
    Numbers that we never had an opportunity to remember and of course follow the deadlines of the 12 on the ball on the wall that ticked and tocked until the battery died and time stood still, which took us back to that field, where there was only dawn to daylight to darkness, now this: time waits for right size batteries and no man has time to wait on that!


  • Yira Arias


  • Maison

    Huge stan of you and your wife . you guys should be ashamed of yourselves when you pay to have animals sacrificed for the sake of your taste in fashion. money should not change you guys this its a shame really —all the way from Senegal

  • Thabiso Khena

    The City is mine!

  • nenebey_

    Love the view, but i also spy a picture of you and bey ! <3

  • Jen Savini Delavant Jackson

    Up in the clouds, me and my spouseRumors on the ground gettin’ too loudPlease turn them shits down, can’t hear myself think…bitch dont kill my vibe

  • Jen Savini Delavant Jackson

    Up in the clouds, me and my spouseRumors on the ground gettin’ too loudPlease turn them shits down, can’t hear myself think…bitch dont kill my vibe!

  • Master Isom

    Have you seen April’s Edition of forbes? Your business partner from Russia was on the cover last month; he was a great investor, and secludedly got educated while you must have been enterprising your businesses in America. This month features who Forbes refers to as the most disruptive person in business, Icahn. I’m H. Master Ice. I’m sending a demo to your Roc Nation office (1411) of H. Master Ice raps. I have a song called M&A too. I look to talk to you soon.

  • Anonymous

    That, Open Letter, Record’s straight heat. I rock with that off top. I wrote a rap soundtrack to a book I wrote. I def can get with that record. dope- Ice.

  • Anonymous

    Check out this banger I made tonight. Burn it and play it in the whip. the bass is OFF THE CHARTS. Check it out. https ://soundcloud. com/ hmasterice /strip-for-money – H. Master Ice.- The Future of Today’s Music.

  • LO Lutero

    New views from the draft room
    Confused by the casts in the classrooms
    They bag packs all black like they carry balloons.


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