Where I’m From: Jude Liana Kazar



In this episode of Where I’m From, Life+Times follows 21-year-old photographer and model Jude Liana, who details how being born in New York’s Lower East Side encouraged her to keep up with the pace of the hustle and develop her work ethic.

  • Santts

    #HowIHustle That is a very inspiring video, Im Santts, 28, singer, piano player and drawer from Brazil, at the moment I saw the video of Jude I felt instantly conected. I come from the country side of the country, moved to the Ghetto, and currently living in Sao Paulo, wich is like NY for us!

    I just moved to this huge and what moves me in the main thing: Believe in myself. And with that I managed to get out of the Ghetto, Leanr languages, sing, bring the music, get out of Brazil, discover the music and now I’m on the next stage of my hustle, exposing my music! Here is a day to day hustle, as I live in a friend’s house, study piano during the day, go to meeting in between, and singing at night. The power that music has given me has made me go to places I could never drem of going when I used to live in the Ghetto so I must say how blessed I am.

    Anyway gongratulations for this idea of showing the day to day hustle of ordinary people of the persuit of their dreams.

    All the best,


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