Watch the Video For JAY Z’s “Glory” Exclusively on TIDAL



Watch the video For JAY Z’s “Glory” on exclusively on

  • ClickmylinkforHiphop

    I wanna hear & see it.

  • Anonymous

    So of course I am now a member of Tidal. Partially because I got to watch the concert for free on you tube and was actually offended that I could. Not sure how to lock it down totally, but seems like there must be an IT person out there that can make it happen Jay!

  • Stelio Guta

    just waiting for it be available in my country for subscribe

  • Daniel de Jong

    Your Instagram is on a Killstreak!

  • Nicole Kim Phillips

    I wonder how Jay Z will celebrate and introduce the twins. I’m really so happy that the Carter Clan is growing. Somebody better tell TI and Tiny to Watch The Throne; the Carter Clan is coming for the takeover.

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