Watch The Throne’s Video for “No Church In The Wild”



#WTT | #NoChurchInTheWild

  • James Elliott


  • Brandyn Rouse

    I’m loving it. So if you understand the lyrics in the song, you will understand the concept of the video. Never think inside the walls of a box, always think beyond.

  • Robyn


  • Kid Fresh


  • Kid Fresh

    The Throne doesn’t even appear. Major. Let it speak.

  • Tara

    i love this…now that’s a great song with a great video. enuff said. im loving watch the throne more and more.

  • Juan Doe.


  • Juan Doe.


  • ♚★★ YTG★★♚

    living fucking legends…if only rap wasnt so saturated with bullshit these to would be superstars and people would faint when they see them….but since evvvveryone and there cousin is a rapper it hurts the big guys who really innovate and elevate rap.

  • Tangled Seattle

    shits always been real…,any of us bee WTT! Roc Nation taking no prisoners!!

  • Jun Nishihara

    video is dope. love the elephant ending. whats a little mob to the monstrous elephant?

  • Kristian B

    No one wants to talk about “the elephant in room,” nice way of imitating Life with Art. Nothing less than Great!

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