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  • Carsten Christensen

    Say what?

  • Carol VM

    <3 <3

  • Carol VM

    <3 <3



  • George Finley

    Kanye and Jay makes a brother proud the hip hop is in good hands and not just from ther perspective of the music but all the other moves that are being made to show we can party, be mature, and handel our business

  • Kid Fresh

    Many people have served and sacrificed. Fly and represent.

  • DLC

    20.05.12 O2 London, Ni**a in Paris 6 times

  • Rafayel Sdanewtisch

    Niggas in paris Zurich 6 times!

  • Alice JOUGUET

    11 times in PARIS !!

  • Tangled Seattle

    “Merely a concrete test of the underlying principles of the great republic is the Negro Problem, and the spiritual striving of the freedmen’s sons is the travail of souls whose burden is almost beyond the measure of their strength, but who bear it in the name of an historic race, in the name of this the land of their fathers‘fathers, and in the name of human opportunity” W.E.B DuBois

    Hova~you have given us so much more than entertainment…you gave MY generation its home back…You allowed us to shine…WTT Truly Black Excellence~Made in America our America!!

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