Watch Melanie Fiona’s Video for “This Time” feat. J. Cole



“I love the music on this track. It’s young and it’s fun. I get to show people a little bit of my hip-hop side that I love and that’s a big influence to me. And of course, the song features J. Cole who’s a hot rapper and great story teller, as well as an artist. I love that male/female energy on this record.” – Melanie Fiona

  • Gwen Luleka

    melanie fiona love this girl……

  • Anonymous

    she is so much better then rihanna melanie rocks like beyonce good job love it rihanna is to messee to much going on makeing black poeple with money like bad like they cant`t holded money and fame dorp her and see what tootat she will get next a hard head make a asshole of black poeple

  • Dev @ Women Magazine

    This is awesome, i am loving it already.

  • Jade Porter

    I love her and him, but this song is not a hit. :( The same line up but its missing something…. Maybe if she didnt have so many different looks in the video….. I dont know just dont feel it :(

  • Kisha Romero

    Cool song Melanie. I also like the hip hop collaborations…keep up the good work. ~klaclassic

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