Vic Mensa Speaks On New Kaytranada Collabo “Drive Me Crazy”



, Vic Mensa Speaks On New Kaytranada Collabo “Drive Me Crazy”, Life+Times

“Me and Kaytranada linked up through our friend Tunji, who knew we were two of the hottest young niggas doing it; especially in a future sound space. We met at No Excuses studio in LA where I recorded some 40 bar verse on one of his beats I never used, and just kept in contact.”

“He sent me a few beats and ‘Drive Me Crazy’ was one of them. One day I was in Chicago at this party where the bouncer found and took all my weed, so I left and as I was driving home (still baked) I started talking out loud to myself and kind of wondering about where I was in life. I got home and wrote the whole record pretty quick, it was just like a transparent statement about my life in the moment.”

“‘Drive Me Crazy’ is ill because it uses the bounce of dance sounds and minimalist synths to create what’s still a really aggressive and also personal rap record. It’s just new. And that’s what we’re trying to do, bring completely new sonics and vibes into popular music and culture.” – Vic Mensa

“Drive Me Crazy” is available now on iTunes.