Tokyo Rising



Led by Pharrell Williams, the film Tokyo Rising documents the capital of Japan’s innovative and unique approach to culture and the resilience it has shown since the devastating earthquake which took place in March 2011.

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  • ouraga samira

    WOW i learned a lot thanks to this!

  • ouraga samira

    i want to go to JAPAN and see all this

  • Ethan Bruns

    skateboard p!

  • Jack Haro


  • Roberto Martinez


  • Anonymous

    I was in Tokyo and Kyoto in the 70s and loved it. …would like to return in spite of the disasters which occurred in 2011 and the aftermath regarding the nuclear situation!!!

  • Me San

    It`s a cool doc, but the thing I always find intriguing whenever listening to musis/tv/film stars is when they talk about how nice and kind and great a certain people are in a country they visit. Well, what do you expect when you are known. All the people that Pharrell visited with and talked too – they are all involved in pop culture in Japan, so of course there is the certain level off ass kissing going on.

    Living in Japan, I can tell you that as a `normal` person who is still involved with art and music here, Japanese people here are not so open minded and kind and friendly. People walk into you just walking down the street, they rarely say excuse me or sorry, and have no problem looking at a foreigner on the train with tattoo(s) and making fun of them or generally making the person feel like a social reject.

    Every place in the world feels like a second home if you only go on tour there for 3-5 days and then leave.

  • Anonymous

    I do not know if anybody noticed but the intent of the document was to highlight how resilient the Japanese are. These people went through a lot earlier this year but they are not throwing their hands in the year–instead, they are fighting back. The document was awesome!!

  • Stephan Keichel

    Yes of course there is a subculture, there alwas was, but it is not Japan. That’s what meant by sub… You can go to these place but you also need the money for it. In Tokyo everyone is living here to get money or spent money…It’s just a moneytown. If you don’t have it, you have to live far away from these amazing, exciting neon Tokyo, where nobody cares for you if you are not rich or super creativ. Most of them use there creativity to sell there stuff to be able to live in this super expensive town!! There allways to sides of a coin!
    I don’t know if there really is a change in the mind of the most japanese people. As the guy said, he wishes that more young people ar angry, that’s my wish too. They are to nice to the authorities!!
    Ganbare Nihon!!

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