Tour Diary: Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters



“One of our first major stops was Russia. We started in St. Petersburg and then took the train to Moscow. I knew the Russia gigs were going to be intense; they had just passed some archaic laws about gay propaganda. As far as I understand it, certain things like talking about or referencing homosexuality around people under 18 is illegal. On top of that, Pussy Riot had just been sentenced to prison. I knew it was important for us to play in Russia at this moment, but it didn’t make it any less intimidating. As I predicted, our visit was politicized. Once the interviews started and once I caught a glimpse of some of the papers, I realized that we were going to have to watch our mouths. We had to figure out a way to say what we wanted to say while keeping it between the lines. Being on stage in front of our Russian fans was exhilarating.”

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  • John George Marks

    “We are the Scissor Sister and so are you!” Forever! Lets rip this up and get our Kiki on!

  • JE Browning

    Jake, you should be a writer…you have an eloquent style. xx

  • Nick Rego

    Loved when you stopped by Abu Dhabi – keep on rocking dahlink! x

  • Glitterlust

    The scissor sisters have been such an influence on us! Thank you for making music. Amazing.

  • Stephen Frost

    pretty sure he actually used to be a published writer!

  • I’m Jasmine, yo

    I seriously can’t love this band enough <3

  • Gretchen Pemberton Brena

    I really enjoyed that. Thank you.

  • Kseniya

    Thank you very much for coming to Russia! It was awesome! ha-ha, oh yeah, and another, the concert took place on the night of my birthday, thank you!

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