The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Remix)



On today’s episode of The Truth With Elliott Wilson, YN looks at Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Remix).” Do you agree with his verdict?

  • Teddy Skillings

    #TheTruth I love how Hov used this track to connect with one of the leaders of the new generation of rappers. The theme of the song is easy for many people to relate to because it’s about doing your own thing. Personally, I’m an aspiring rapper trying to get my feet underneath me, so this song reminds me not to let people around me keep me from pursuing those ambitions. Anyways, it’s great that rappers push each other like this – it makes the two involved better and pushes hip-hop forward. I’m not going to comment on who had the better verse(s) because they both added unique elements to the theme. I like how Kendrick added two new perspectives opposed to speaking from his early days in GKMC. Jay was just true to his current self – still can’t knock the hustle. A true Kobe/Jordan relationship.

  • shott

    remix wuz and iz a classic!

  • Damion Lamonte

    That Track was put in constant rotation immediately! Of coarse K Dot is gonna try & kill it, he’s on a Track with a legend! The type of Classic song that keeps my Faith in Hip Hop.

  • cory jae

    #TheTruth This remix clearly shows how the new and old generation of Hip-Hop can come together peacefully and respectfully, collaborate together without ego or cockiness trying to outshine each other. Hip-Hop is the only genre that has a problem with acknowledging one another in terms of paying homage to those before them. You see in other genres old artist collaborating with new artist and even doing shows and appearances giving respect without mockery. The artist today feel that artist in Hip-Hop over the age of 30 should retire and never be able to put out music. Sure some of the older artist cant flow or keep up with the newer class, but what gives the newer class right to say or put an age on when another artist should retire. Jay-z has been known for his entire career to be best when it comes to flows and keeping up with today newest artist bar for bar. He’s never gone backwards or tried to be any of these new young artist because it would be stupid of him to do so. Kendrick Lamar is the new fresh and most talked about artist today because of his character. flow and wordplay. Artist that come out today tries so hard to imitate and ride waves that doesn’t last long. If you go back to the 90′s (my favorite era) you had so many artist with so many different styles coming out it was bananas. And we the people accepted all of this without judgment. In the NYC clubs like the TUNNEL we heard Biggies “who shot ya” then The Pharxydes “passing me by”, Keith Murray “the most beautifullest” and Outkast songs being played and not one soul complaining. Today the music is organized and formatted with the same sounds, same flows and same artist collaborating with each other not allowing fresher artist to even get the light of day. I LOVE THIS REMIX TIL DEATH and i hope to hear a lot more artist young and new come together and make real good music. What we need is Remixes with new beats, like how Pete Rock, Large pro, Puff Daddy, The bomb Squad, and A Tribe Called Quest use to do it…. Salute to Kendrick Lamar from a veteran to new soldier in the game…..Salute to Jay-Z for keeping it real and consistent all these years

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