The Story of Polaroid




All images are from Instant: The Story of Polaroid by Christopher Bonanos
Published by Princeton Architectural Press, 2012
Close p78.tif
Chuck Close used the 20×24 Polaroid camera to produce immense images of his own face, including this breakthrough 1979 work Self-Portrait/Composite/Nine Parts.
Photo credit: Photograph courtesy the artist and The Pace Gallery. © Cuck Close, Courtesy The Pace Gallery.
Dali p64.tif
Salvador Dali for Polaroid, in a portrait by Bert Stern, 1958.
Photo credit: Bert Stern.
Lady Gaga p174.tif
Improbable partners: The MIT Museum, Edwin Land’s office chair, and Lady Gaga converged in June 2011.
Photo credit: Polaroid
Land p38.tif
Edwin Land at the moment he revealed his invention to the world, February 21, 1947.
Photo credit: Polaroid
MacGraw p77.tif
The Swinger’s TV commercials starred Ali MacGraw, not yet famous (that’s her in the blue shirt and jeans) “It’s more than a camera/it’s almost alive” went the jingle.
Photo credit: Bill Warriner
SX 70 p92.tif
The final design of SX-70 folded down to the size of a cigar case, and could fit in a (largeish) coat pocket.
Photo credit: Danny Kim
Tattoo p161.tif
Polaroid mania made indelible, by Jesse Barber (enthusiast and photographer) and Scott Santee (tattoo artist).
Photo credit: Jesse Barber. Tattoo artist: Scott Santee.
Warhol pii.tif
Photo credit: © Bill Ray

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