The Kills: Decoded



Life+Times recently caught up with The Kills during their New York stop to talk music, method and madness. Here, the band decodes some of its catalog.

“It’s not sex. It’s not sexual chemistry. It’s not sexy. It’s just primitive, like, rock n’ roll. ‘Rock n’ roll’ is an old black term for sex, bump n’ grind, rock n’ roll. It always had that. The rhythm of rock n’ roll and the attitude of rock n’ roll somehow is some sort of primitive, sexual thing. It’s not about sex, really. It’s just about dirt.” – Jamie Hince, guitarist of The Kills

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  • Joseph Laurino

    This band sounds great. Thanks for the introduction.

  • Dustin Powell

    the greatest band in the world. jay and the kills should collaborate.

  • Rosie Dyer

    Wow, who knew Jay-Z would be turning thousands of his FB friends on to a killer (haha) art rock band. I am impressed.

  • Guerschom Nazaire

    Definitely a new fan!!!

  • Allison Jones

    great sound,

  • Ama Lauderdale

    I LOVE THE KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the interview :D

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