The Elegance of The Mark



Located in the heart of the Upper East Side, The Mark is one of New York City’s most prized and stunning landmarks. The undisputed arbiter of elegance, design and decoration in all of France, architect Jacques Grange delivers a sense of comfort and chic, capped with high visual style. At The Mark, he balances elements of grandeur, color, artistry and intimacy with a grain of humor. Featuring the delectable The Mark Restaurant, chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten brings his unbridled passion for fresh from the market, simple cooking to The Mark Hotel. Also featuring The Mark Bar (seating only 24 seats), Punch Fitness Center (1,400 square foot work out emporium), and The Mark Shine by John Lobb (a shoeshine kiosk located at the hotel’s entrance), it’s the understated elegance of The Mark hotel that has us hooked. Take a walk inside….

  • Jucinta Chantelle


  • Guest

    One word. Wonderful.

  • B!tches

    The entrance is beautiful.

  • Mircea Ctin Ungureanu


  • C.J.G

    that wine selection tho ;)

  • C.J.G

    Great design, its artistic but not overdone to the point of not being able to relax and settle in

  • Shamcey Suerpy

    really impressive artistic

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