The-Dream “ROC”



  • V R

    what is the meanin of this?

  • Anonymous

    This is another reason y i LOVE me sum Jay!!!!!! thanks for reppin The-Dream…..LOVE his music!!!!!!!!! The Dream is the most underated,pure talented R&B artist ever,his talent is official,and his tracks are on some real shit!…..He the king of R&B and he needs to conquer that MF r&b throne….thanks Jay for sharin this…He definately rising like a J_Curve!!!

  • angry black male

    the meaning? uhm, promotion.

  • Darriel

    umm… king of r&b ?
    what? this song has a
    great beat but … bring back
    the real music . we were almost
    there with Watch the Throne but… :

  • Roy

    Lekker Beat

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