The Big Tease



For the past two years, these two trains have been heading directly towards one another with a head full of steam and everyone has watched from a distance. It’s the collision everyone wants to see and is likely to be the richest boxing event of all time. With public interest in the sport waning, this is the singular event that could save the boxing from dwindling ticket sales and the rise of the UFC. Unfortunately, for the past two years, both sides have been unable (or unwilling) to sign their names on the dotted line and prove who is the best fighter in the world today. Despite potential earnings of $50 million each, egos, blood testing and various other nonsensical hurdles have kept this fight from happening. From Pacquiao’s resistance to yield to Mayweather’s request that the Filipino subject himself to Olympic-style drug tests to allegations of PED usage and a lawsuit from Pacquiao seeking damages for defamation of character, they have yet to get the deal done. Instead, the two have fought competition that, quite frankly, is underwhelming. An older Shane Mosley, an undersized Juan Manuel Marquez, an unwilling-to-engage Joshua Clottey and an undeserving Antonio Margarito have made ridiculous paydays fighting two fighters that nobody thought they would have a chance against.

The sad part of this is the fact that it’s mindboggling how two fighters can’t agree to fight each other and, not only take home a minimum of $50 million, but breathe life into a sport that hasn’t had the same air in its balloon since the days of Mike Tyson. It’s the only fight left to make in a sport that has yet to produce another superstar the caliber of these two fighters. There’s an indifferent shrug that comes with any fight that Pacquiao and Mayweather announce that is missing the other half of the dream fight.

Can you imagine boxing without Ali and Frazier? What if Joe Frazier refused to fight Ali because he wouldn’t take a blood test? The public would have been robbed of the single most important fight in boxing history. It’s the event that lives in the memories of non-sports fans who remember where they were when Frazier and Ali clashed on March 8, 1971. And should this fight happen, a new generation of boxing fans will be able to pose the question:”Where were you when Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. changed the course of boxing history on…”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. photo by Chris Cozzone

  • Robert Horton

    Excellent article!

  • Arnie

    awesome article…..unbiased and well written. Thanks

  • Troy Graves II

    the best article I’ve read about the whole situation….c’mon Floyd…just fight the man.

  • Matthew W. DeCoste

    Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling II was probably the “most important” fight of the century, but I’ll give you that Ali vs. Frazier I was the biggest event.

    Great article regardless!

  • Anonymous

    Pac doesnt give money to his people. Show me proof of that. Although Money is cocky and arrogant, his contributions to his community is amazing. I like both fighters and they are both at fault for making this fight not happen. Regardless, Money’s attitude is what makes him the cash cow. Ali did it, so I don’t see why Money is getting a bad rap. Great article.

  • Charley Galdamez

    Pacquiao has never failed a drug test. The only reason I hear coming from camp Mayweather that Pacquiao needs to take Olympic-style testing is because he keeps knocking people out. The way I see it is Mayweather doesn’t want it bad enough. He’s supposed to be a prize fighter, well the biggest prize will come his way fighting Pacquiao. He doesn’t want it. I’ve always been a fan of Mayweather more than Pacquiao, but saddly this is changing. Let’s not even talk about bad promoters and networks messing up the sport. Solid article.

    If you want to see a great fighter who doesn’t back down from anybody look up Sergio Martinez. He’s a little older, but exciting and dangerous to watch. No promoters want to put their fighters up against him. DANGER.

  • Anonymous

    What will it be, will there be an end to who is the best between the 2 or will the ongoing Tease continue… How will even this be decided or will it ever be decided… Only these 2 can say for sure if they want or need to know who is the better fighter in the ring… Millions are wondering… x

  • Jason Soto

    May will pick Pac-Man apart for 12 rounds.. Not sure why so many people are desperate to see this fight happen, a counter puncher is the Kryptonite to Pac’s Superman and Money May is the best counter puncher in the game. Besides Pac has enough to deal with now that he is signed on to fight Juan Manuel Marquez for the third time, a man who many believe won their previous 2 fights. I’m a fan of both men but I’m also a realest and Mayweather’s ring I.Q. is the best there is in boxing, he will not get into a slug fest with Pac, he’ll take his time, pick his shots and baffle Pac with his magnificent defense.

  • Ronnie Barnes

    Stating what boxing fans already know, but decent write up…

  • Andre Drizzy Dre Keys

    is this article for real gotta me Mayweather haterz who wrote this… they paint a picture of pacman some type of knight in shining armor an Mayweather some type of bad guy.. why cause he making the most money is the sport an everyone want want pacman to be the top an he still dont clear what mayweather clears for a fight plus prom’s get real i didnt hear a clear answer from pacman when he was asked did he want to fight Mayweather next in the interview after the shane fight he danced around that just like mayweather will dance aroung him in the ring an punish him… so sick of all the talk about this fight i dont even reall y care to see it… but i do want mayweather to beat his ass an show all you haterz who’s the best TEAM MAYWEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stan

    Manny Pacquiao foundation is his charity. Mayweather doesnt like southpaws. Pacquiao would win in points. Defense is good but you need to throw punches.

  • Anonymous

    Life + Times should check out the climbing world. I recently read the feature in National Geographic and I am totally inspired. Your sports articles are amazing… I am telling rock climbing is the next big thing!

  • Arvin Robles

    I agree, i feel that Mayweather Camp is waiting on Pacquaio to have a bad fight so they could go on that. Manny goes hard everytime hes in the ring. Floyd likes to control the fight and dictate the pace, feel out his opponent. With Pacquaio its tough. How can you fight someone who throws a bunch of punches in different angles. Its impossible to dodge, bob & weeve, and not connect when in the ring with Pacquaio. Not taking anything away from Floyd cause hes fast himself. I wanna seem these 2 in the ring already. My 2 favorite boxers of all time.

  • Dejarlis Shaquille Reese

    both yoy guys stop being big ass babies. im sick of hearing bout you guys are gonna fight. its either your gonna fight or your not

  • Dejarlis Shaquille Reese

    stop being babies and fight damn

  • Danny

    you guys are all sheep pac dosen’t deserve to be in the same ring as money may, When mayweather beats Ortiz you will be reminded just how far ahead in the game floyd is, if and when pac and money do fight i pray he punishes him like he did gatti so everyone can shut up

  • Danny

    you guys are all sheep pac dosen’t deserve to be in the same ring as money may, When mayweather beats Ortiz you will be reminded just how far ahead in the game floyd is, if and when pac and money do fight i pray he punishes him like he did gatti so everyone can shut up

  • OLEY

    one fighter throws 100-120 punches per round, while the other throws 30-40..DO THE MATH!!!! When was the last time you’ve seen Mayweather’s punches hurt anyone???

  • J◯RDΔN

    Pacquiao lacks boxing skill, I don’t see how you expect this man to beat the boxer, Mayweather….& the name of the game is Boxing. Pacquiao has zero defense, zero head movement, predictable footwork, & throws wild, blind punches. Mayweather is a technician, he’ll see Pac’s punches before he throws them. May wins this fight by tko in the 10th.

  • OLEY

    like I said…when was the last time you’ve seen Mayweather hurt anyone with his punching power.?..I agree he is a technician in the ring, but IF..and thats a big IF, it will be by decision…

  • Stephen

    The last time FMM hurt someone? Ummmm…how about…uhhh..SHANE MOSLEY?

    FMM hit Shane harder – and far more often – than Pac did.

    When is Pac going to stop fighting FMM’s sloppy seconds?

  • OLEY

    hahaha…FMM never threatened mosely with his power! He out-pointed him with pop shots here and there! No power shots. It wasn’t Pac’s fault that sugar shane was running the whole fight!

    and the only reason manny keeps fighting floyd’s sloppy seconds is cuz floyd won’t man up and fight him himself. So Manny keeps having to show everyone he’s better by CLEARLY dominating the common opposition.

    De La Hoya TKO
    Hatton TKO (nearly died in the ring)
    Mosely (kept running scared)
    and don’t forget Floyd never wanted a piece of Cotto, Clottey, or Margarito…he’s undefeated cuz he won’t take on all comers..picks and chooses his fights.

  • TT

    “money first” boxer…..he git so what…

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