That Sh*t Craze



As a five time DMC Champion, turntablist/producer DJ Craze has been on the forefront of live music manipulation since the late 90′s. The Miami resident has mixed hip-hop, drum and bass, techno and dubstep to create new sounds and rhythms. Watch as Craze flips JAY Z’s “Stop” into a completely new creation during a performance for Miami’s SAE Institute.

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  • Nilson Ruiz

    Boy U so Craze-E!) Showing sum love 4 da home team!)
    Thanx 4 scratching my itch!lol

  • Justin Chaitoo

    that is good muisc and life is b etter to hope hand play but that show you that is good but think of good with life and keep your head up on what you ever do stay your skills keep them up and have say thank to my facebook friends wish me happy brithday thank you love hop hip it the best and way that it here and keep it going to

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