“I think I have synesthesia. I feel more like some type of visual artist than a musician when I’m working. I just mean my process is more about imagery.” – Frank Ocean

  • L

    Dope but have you heard Steven A. Clark?

  • L

    Frank Ocean, The Weeknd & Steven A. Clark are my picks for this year! PBRnB

  • L

    Frank Ocean, The Weeknd & Steven A. Clark are my picks for this year! PBRnB

  • Jairo

    Good. Smooth. Different

  • Abdulkarim Tamam

    COOL Music. my new favorite artist, Franc Ocean.


    frank whole mix tape shouldnt be a mixtape but its very great and i cant wait to see whats next

  • Honey Monroe


  • Christian Castro

    Frank Ocean is incredible, I’m not really into the rest of that Odd Future gang but i co-sign mister Ocean… Last i read, Beyonce recruited him for a studio session- cant wait to see what time of project they were able to put together

  • youngglobal

    the future of music

  • Omitair Dan Júnior

    Frank is future. Chic to chic. The music and dreams!

  • Fitzjohn Tropnas

    Feeling your vibe and flow my dude. AVON CT.

  • pixiecut

    different. like the vibe of it.

  • finestcreativity

    great tune

  • Anonymous

    I can’t feel the pain.

  • sherief salem


  • Grave Shift Studios

    This joint is so hard!

  • Ian Ford


  • Anonymous


  • Jereme Smith

    ooh thats good stuff…good stuff

  • Jereme Smith

    ooh thats good stuff…good stuff

  • ☆Be▲nz☆

    Love this song and the whole mixtape!

  • Alexandra Marier

    Again! Again! ;)

  • Melissa Kerr

    incredible. lyrically fucking my mind. feeling it.

  • E t i e n n e

    refreshing. one of my best discover in 2K11 so far

  • Mykel Mitchell

    Nice…I love this site…feels like it’s me in a lot of ways…love the sensibilities.

  • Erin Sisco

    I am in love with Frank Ocean. I’ve been playin his mixtape on repeat for weeks!

  • Anonymous

    This site has not let me down…I love it!

  • angelica

    love it!

  • Anonymous

    This is good music, keep it coming

  • Anonymous

    nice trac,flow,lyrics. needs some air time on this feel me.

  • Ragel Thys

    Yes Yes!! Frank Ocean has that great balance of honesty in lyrics, soul in the sound and familiarity in his approach. I think it’s tough to deny his talent. Good music is all we need

  • Thomas Dasilva

    This is so good, so original and different, can’t wait to hear new stuff.

  • Christian Castro

    Good song, great mixtape

  • Anonymous

    glad you like.

  • Philippe Meyer

    Fresh like its on repeat!

  • Steven Ova


  • Anonymous


  • Marly Mar

    fantastic song and a superb mixtape

  • Anonymous

    Ill science

  • banglee swagger

    this joint is fire

  • Justin Chaitoo

    i not in to it

  • Justin Chaitoo

    i not in to it

  • Moritz Abke

    nice and chilling

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