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Employing a guerilla-style approach to his installations, street artist Dan Witz takes Life + Times along as he sets up one of his newest series, “In Plain View: What the #@%$ (WTF),” around New York City.

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  • David Bitterman

    Very cool video. I like his style, and his approach. Nice editing as well. One suggestion, for the embedding/sharing of the video, see about adding some customization options, at least a basic resize option. Cheers!

  • David Bitterman

    Nice video! I like his style and approach. Good editing as well. One suggestion, for sharing/embedding videos from life/times, it would be nice to have some basic customization options, at least an embed resize option. Cheers!

  • Nadine Brown

    Informative piece. Wonder if this artist has thought of putting himself up somewhere so we can see all of his tats!

  • Anonymous

    I like his art, I like his ideas.

    Doing street art in the outer boroughs where no one sees it is the only part I don’t get. Really an entrance ramp to the Grand Central, who is going to even notice that piece?

  • Anonymous

    @billyspath- Dan’s pieces eventually all get taken away, either by collectors or DOT, so choosing farther out sites is almost a requirement at this point. Also, plenty of motorists are going to see his work and ask themselves, WTF? -which is kind of his point.

  • Anonymous

    Creating from a perspective that is real and relevant is what all artist strive for and not having to search for the next bit of inspiration feels natural and just right. I’ve found throughout my life and career that good things can come from pain or discomfort of some sort, and when you move pass that and still be your best, you have entered a new dimension. That’ when you know you got something and you want to share more with others. Then you are ready to stop begging for ya life cuz you living fast.

  • Mike + Moni

    Nothing beats seeing an artist in action. Great piece showing Dan in his element on the streets of NYC. We recently finished a mini-doc on Dan for his upcoming show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. We thought your viewers would like to peep it:

  • Trae Daddious

    thanks for all these informative post truly inspired !

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