Stream Producer Jeremy Rose’s “Zodiac EP”



“I made these tracks over a year. Some of them were going to be sent to other people to sing or rap on them but I thought I should get around to doing some solo stuff before I have no time to. These tracks were all produced with a $300 laptop in my sunroom. I get inspiration from a lot of different places. From other producers to classical stuff, to old funk and soul. If I hear something and I like it, I might want to take a piece of that and integrate it into what I’m working on. I also like integrating some foley and nature sounds into my work as well, it feel it adds a real life anchor to what would otherwise be a completely digital production.” – Jeremy Rose

  • FlyLife Carlos Bowen


  • D_K_Mars

    Reading up on Jeremy Rose. His journey… His humbleness… is inspiring.

  • acid

    This guy sounds like a visionary, his ep and work on hob was outstanding, taking music to greater heights. And I agree his ability to move forward was amazing.

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