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Oscar-winning actress and my sister Gwyneth Paltrow emailed me and said, “I love your new site. Can I ask you five questions about it?” I said, “I’ll show you mine if you let me see yours.” Here are mine. Go see hers at It’s fresh.

Shawn Carter: The public at large is discovering your ability to sing. When did you first discover you had that talent?
Gwyneth Paltrow
: I kind of always sang. My mother has a great voice and was always singing jazz around the house and I think she passed on her musicality to my brother and myself. I sang in an a capella singing group and I always thought that somewhere down the line I would dust off my pipes and use them but I didn’t know I would be so old when it happened. When I sang with you one night at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago, it was so terrifying. I thought that would be the end of it. This has been a surprise to me as much as anybody else. But I love it.

SC: Personally I was very surprised at your extensive knowledge of hip-hop songs. Particularly how you can sing ’90s hip-hip songs word for word. I can’t even do that! How does a girl from Spence discover hip-hop?
: I first was exposed to hip-hop when I was about 16 (1988) by some boys who went to collegiate. The Beastie Boys were sort of the way in for us preppie kids. We were into Public Enemy, Run-DMC and LL Cool J. But then I went to LA the summer between my junior and senior year of high school and I discovered N.W.A which became my obsession. I was fascinated by lyrics as rhythm and how Dre had a such different cadence and perspective from say, Eazy-E, who I thought was one of the most ironic and brilliant voices hip-hop has ever had. It was an accident that I learned every word of Straight Outta Compton and to love something that a.) I had no real understanding of in terms of the culture that it was emanating from and b.) to love something that my parents literally could not grasp. But I was hooked. I can’t remember what I ate for dinner last night but I could sing to you every single word of N.W.A’s “Fuck Tha Police” or [Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock's] “It Takes Two.” Go figure.

SC: Does that extend to pop and rock music as well? Did you do the whole lace gloves circa Madonna and flannel shirts in the ’90s circa Kurt?
: I was never super into ’80s or ’90s pop. Aside from hip-hop I loved, I was very into alternative stuff like New Order (which did become pretty mainstream) and The Cure and bands like Yaz and Book of Love. But when Nirvana came out, my mind was kind of blown. I remember sitting around a record player playing Nevermind for days in a row with my college friends really mesmerized by that record, as everybody was at the time. I couldn’t believe my ears.

SC: Speed round: Miles or Coltrane?
: Miles
SC: The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
SC: Patsy Cline or Billie Holiday?
: Billie H
SC: Biggie or PAC?
: Biggie by miles
SC:Michael or Prince?
: Prince!

SC: And finally, would you ever make a solo album?
: Would I ever make a solo album? Should I? Never say never.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see that video of Gwyneth singing with Jay Z.

  • Alessandra Hyyppa

    That would be fun watch!

  • indira de nacimiento

    me 2

  • Kevin Hewick

    A Gwyneth solo album would be cool especially if she covered one of my songs lol

  • Kevin Hewick

    A Gwyneth solo album would be cool especially if she covered one of my songs lol

  • Sarah

    Nice. Gwyneth seems so cool. love you Jay, Hurry up and drop new music please lol.

  • SS

    Wow this is a cool website & GP is a cool gal! :)

  • Teri Rees

    This was a interesting first round in the ring.
    Still, I would like to see this with a third party, and then a fourth and a fifth, and a whole collective at an honorary round table through down. A feast of creative geniuses. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    It was food for thought… very interresting

  • Anonymous

    gp, you do surprise me. i don’t necessarily get it, but i still heart you.

  • bmichael

    Paltrow sang with Jay on her birthday like three years ago.

  • Deb Lewis

    I love Gwyneth!!! the coolest chick ever to come out of Hollywood.
    I’m the same age and can really relate to here music choices.
    I’m jealous that I can’t “hang” with the both of you.
    Thanks G, for the heads up on Goop ;)

  • Steven Ova

    this was a cool interview

  • Anonymous

    I love this site, I wish you check out my site,

  • Brehan Todd

    That was fresh. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Who would have thought she was so cool

  • David Bishop

    jigga the great!

  • Missy Mogul

    shes so cool, shes my bff in my head, and my birthday mate libras Rock

  • Lisa Valtierra

    I wish there was a video of gwyneth paltrow rapping it would get like a zillion views :)

  • Anonymous

    BASQUIAT: THE RADIANT CHILD- documentary film.
    Hey JAY-Z, check it our award-winning doc on your fav artist

  • AjiE jAY-z cARteR

    I love how loyal Jay-z is to his friends and family. I love me some Jay-z

  • Samita

    Gwyneth is so adorable! Thanks for the Q&A

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  • Anonymous

    Great interview.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice site Jay-Z! Cute interviews and It’s was genius to put them on each other’s website’s. Friends promoting friends – very cool! Hey are either one of you available when I put my design site up this Summer?? :-) ) Gwyneth – I think you should go for it and do the album. I’d buy one. Put a few duets on it with Jay-Z and Huey! Oh heck might as well bring in Chris and Beyonce too! Not that you need them cause you sing just fine on your own – but it would be fun!

  • Anonymous

    hov is the best

  • Alisha Jenkins

    Incredible interview on both sites !!! Can’t get enough of you and Gwyneth !

  • E.

    Amazing stuff… Broaden your horizons? I for one get it … Thx ked HIPHOP really needed something like this!

  • Angelia Barrow

    I totally agree with Gil Saly

  • Shawn

    Great job Mr. Carter !!!!

  • Robby Dink

    biggie by far? jesus

  • Anonymous

    WTF kind of mutual masturbation is this shit?

  • Anonymous

    I’m a huge fan of Gweneth. Her voice is truly amazing.

  • Amanda Mullen

    I liked this a lot & GP’s take on what it’s like to be SC – The Coolest Man Alive was excellent. Love the dual interview, great idea Jay.

  • The Doc

    A Jay-Z + Gwyneth track would be dope…

  • Anonymous

    Biggie by miles? thats just ignorant. no diss to BIG but Pac was more than a rapper. he was a poet, a philosopher, an activist, an actor. pretty much the definition of an artist, a real renaissance man. BIG may have been the better rapper skill wise but looking at the bigger picture Pac is hip hops messiah. a prophet

  • raudel tranquilino

    Dope Interview! A side of Gwyneth Paltrow that i was rather intrigued by. She was cool before, but now she is super cool. Straight Outta Compton !

  • raudel tranquilino

    Dope Interview! Gwyneth Paltrow was cool before, but now she is super cool! …and she’s a hip hop head ! Straight Outta Compton! Defintely would love to see her sing NWA or some Eazy-E Yeah !

  • raudel tranquilino

    Dope Interview! Gwyneth Paltrow was cool before, but now she is super cool! …and she’s a hip hop head ! Straight Outta Compton! Defintely would love to see her sing NWA or some Eazy-E Yeah !

  • Jenifer Levy

    Wow learned things about Gwen I never knew in a short amount of time…great job SC

  • Your Lord and Savior

    I never knew this about Gwen. I was kinda shocked by her picking Prince over MJ, but you know… everyone’s different. I enjoyed the interview.

  • funretro

    i’m with deuxieme_peau

  • Dedo Andherson

    Goop & Jigga! <3

  • elijah

    Three words….WATCH THE THRONE- cant wait for y’all to drop that

  • Jessica Santos

    Nice interview

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  • Julie Stamper

    Great website, great interview. Reading some of the comments, it never ceases to amaze me how judgemental people are. Michael and Prince are both great, so she picked Prince, she didn’t say I Hate Michael. Isn’t the point that we listen at all? Prob Jay is being judged for being friends with some rich white chick who went to Spence. Way to have balls Jay, and be real to you. This is why you are the motherfuckin’ greatest! From a 40-year-old white chick corporate college grad mother of three in Iowa who also loved Biggie and NWA.

  • Johnny Massacre

    Dude, she says Biggie is way better than ‘Pac?

    Damn. Now I fucking love Paltrow.

  • Ryan Newday

    “First of all I want to say that this interview was really fresh. Often times when you hear interviews, it’s so predictable in it’s approach. And that’s why I don’t read a lot of material, even if it’s informative. As writers we have to learn to embrace this new generation of thinkers. We are driven by creativity, nothing else. Not format, not right or wrong, but passion, and passion alone. Mr. Carter you did an amazing job. First with the title “Straight out of Compton” then with the speed round. I think that was Genius. I’m a writer myself who believes in writing genreless music, I have a dream… ROC NATION.”-Ryan Newday

  • Carmen Alicia Belcher


  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z for Mayor

  • Clancy Wool

    holly shit

  • MaryEllen Izzy Richards

    love her!

  • Maria Kornaraki

    love u both!!!!! congrats to your careers!

  • Leon J Derriey

    yes she voted biggie

  • Candace Smith

    I usually don’t care for GP but this made me actually *like* her. Hmm…

  • Lyall Patrick Moloney


  • V R

    wow…gwyneth goes hard. mr. carter killed the interview.
    biggie by miles..hell yeah!

  • Anonymous

    Love Gwyneth!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Absolutely love Gwineth P, she rocks!!

  • s m

    How could you not love GP? Smart, beautiful, and a great actress. That she has good taste in music…icing on the cake.

  • Anonymous

    She’s fantastic!!

  • Yvonne Larbi

    Awwww that refreshing to read. Love GP. Love you too Jay*

  • Sandra Olguin

    Jay I LOVE you, really no one loves you like me, except for B*! and i love her to death too, so we’re good ;) i’m sure i’m your biggest mexican fan… please please please come with Beyoncé to Mexico city!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I 2nd nikita1987. Love this blog, which I came 2 via Gwyneths’ goop blog.

  • Matt Powers

    PAC > big

  • Sara Ricci

    This site is Genius! Love this interview.

  • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

    BIG>PAC ????? No wonder your rap is wack !!!

  • Anonymous

    What an incredible site! awsome! Jay-z always has to go and do EVERYTHING better then anyone else ever has. Love him. Great interview,never seen this side of gp…..and its a nice side to see

  • Roget Romain

    they should have interviewed each other in a lux car provided by empire concierge

  • DoubleE

    Did she really say Biggie over Pac and Prince ova Mike?..
    Girl you must be smoking crack!
    Get outta here with that!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with all of her response on the speed round, but i would have said rolling stones instead of beatles

  • Kelly

    Go Jay! Go Jay!

  • Anonymous

    2PAC!.. although, if she loved NWA that much I could see how she would be more in line with BIG, cuz his flow was insane and soo grimey!

  • Shieka McGee

    One of the best interviews ever!! You two should make a Late Night Talk Show!! :)

  • Almas

    Just discovered your website today via link from Time magazine. Awesome.

  • Almas

    Just discovered your website today via link from Time magazine. Awesome.

  • Anonymous

    i accidentally stumbled across goop when i was mindlessly typing in goop in a google search. best mistake ive ever made…..searchwise…

  • Moritz Abke

    Jay-Z!!! Thanks for being in Frankfurt and Cologne your Show was Amazing. And i LOVE your Site

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  • 工內三下三L_MCMLXXI™

    one of the dopest sites even invented seems like everything you touch turns to gold good luck on the site Oniko Ohini #ALeaderbornduringTroublesomeTimes #FollowTheLeader checkout @onikoohini the brand on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr

  • FadedYouthBlog

    LOL @ Jay Z interview WASPy jAP Gwyneth Paltrow. What a joke. So much for street cred LOL LOL LOL

  • Leondre

    Well first off decent site second who do you think Biggie looked up too PAC hell he even said that Pac gave him some pointers when it came to lyrics hell let Biggie sleep on his couch. Still I digress she can only speak on what she knows about hip hop no matter how small that knowledge is o and of course entitled to her own opinion bravo to her for speaking her mind. On a last note I think she is a OK actress not too much of a voice as a person cant say don’t think we will be hanging out any time soon lol. Excellent job Jay.

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