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After spending almost a decade in prison for leading an organized drug ring in his native Baltimore, Carlmichael “Stokey” Cannady has turned over a new leaf through the efforts of his non-profit organization Never Give Up and as an author, filmmaker, and father. Here, Stokey leads Life + Times around Baltimore as we bear witness to some of the city’s revitalization efforts as it looks to move beyond its crime-riddled history.

  • LaMott L. Ebron

    This is the Blueprint 4

  • Anonymous

    Here is an idea, just food for thought. Have some local vendors set up vendor stands on that two block radius in sort of a small vendor district similar to what is found on 52 and market in philadelphia which I believe in turn would draw local patrons back to the area as well as rebuild the commrodry among those involved with common interest. I think it would offer affordable items to the public as well as bulid vision.

  • Anonymous

    amazing. wish this is what all hustlers could do in prison – figure out how to legally rebuild.

  • Sandy Thompson Bailey

    Thank You My Brother! Positive Thinking

  • Anonymous

    I am one from around that area and I must say it has gone down. Going up the hill (Whitelock & Brookfied) was something my friends and I use to look forward to everyday when we was finish with school. Stokey I am very proud of the person that you are now and even growing up you was still a good person. Continue to be blessed and use your gift that was given to you in more postive ways

  • Renee Dickson

    I live in the city of Baltimore and I know Stokey on a personal level we grow up together. Stokey has always been good even when he was bad. Meaning even though he lead a lifestyle of crime he always made a way for the Whitlock Community. If you needed your rent paid, a pair of shoes ,food to eat or just some sound advice Stokey was the go to man:) I’m so proud of him for taking his negative energy and using it in a positive way. Stokey’s story shows that a person can change for the better and uplift others. I want to thank Jay-Z and staff for giving Stokey the opportunity to share his story with the world his way through his eyes with million dollar smile:)

  • Anonymous

    Such a positive light you are representing. Fee Aman Allah. In shallah.

  • Johnnie Ndoe

    Its good to do good, life is for livin,givin,and recieveing shout out to STOKEY in Baltimore city, Da kids are the future- I 101% support NEVER GIVE UP campaign – Keep doing ur thing bro out of bad comes good its a balance in life – positive and negitive – thats how da world functions !salat, I love the embedded message this potrays – plus the rebirth of giving back to the community is a wonderful feeling thats priceless.


  • Elaine Jones


  • Hilary Davis

    this was nice “it was always more fun than the sadness”

  • Tracy Figueroa

    Stokey is one of the virtuous man I know, he may had ran a drug ring on Whitelock St and Lakeview, ect, but he was never a bad person. Stokey always had respect for everyone in our hood and we all had genuine love for him. With that being said Stokey you know that you had too go through the strom to see tbe sunlightt and now its your time to strive in be all you desire. I remember the first time I cried for you was tears of pain when you receive 15yrs now today I cry tears of joy for you. I am so proud of you and I will always love you unconditional :)

  • Teetee Smith

    Well well well, MY FRIEND!!!! I must say it again, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!

  • Tanzi Brown

    I’m glad to know such a positive influence as Stokey. Stokey and I grew up together on Druid Park Lake Drive. That place hold a lot of memories. They might have taken down our neighborhood but they can’t take away any of our memories. I always new he would live out the plan that God had for him.Keep up the good work, and stay strong.

  • Anonymous

    Farming is good. Great idea for the hood.

  • Anonymous

    We should Never Give up, there’s always hope :)

  • Nicole

    This is awesome- what a great example for people around the world. We can’t wait for the government to hand us something- we have to make our own change and be positive in our communities.
    Thanks for posting this- I feel really inspired. Pass it on…

  • Jules Winfield

    I used live in B’more…This was my hood in the 90′s 2502 Eutaw pl..I’m from was where I became a man..He’s right then it was the place to be..Druid Hill on Sundays..Etc. I always Root for B’more!!! hope it comes back!

  • Steven Odige

    i just moved here in b-more… and i see the potential for greatness….

  • D.

    It’s goes to show that some people in life can start off on the wrong path, but with the expierence of learning a different way, that path could be detoured and turned around..

  • Anonymous

    This made me miss home!
    B-more representt! Keep up the good work Stokey!

  • Eboni Samuel

    Congratulations Carmichael on getting your life together and helping the community

  • RondanoH

    a prime example of no matter of what you have been through CHANGE is REAL and FAITH and DETERMINATION will take you from what you use to be to where u want to be. Thanks Stokey for NEVER GIVING UP on yourself and our hood.

  • RondanoH

    a prime example of no matter of what you have been through CHANGE is REAL and FAITH and DETERMINATION will take you from what you use to be to where u want to be. Thanks Stokey for NEVER GIVING UP on yourself and our hood.

  • Tiesha Ingram

    wowwwwwwww im from baltimore…this good stuff shoutout to Stokey

  • Tonya Keatz-El

    I am a new resident of Baltimore. I see there is potential here and i commend you Bro. Cannady for your works and commitment to revitalization and helping your community.

  • Chef Deanna D’angelo-Karpe

    This is awsome!

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