Slaughterhouse: The Sum Of Its Parts



Joe Budden

Royce Da 5’9: I know one thing that I always like to say when we bring up Joe. I quite naturally learn things from all of these guys. Joey, I was just speaking to somebody else, I was telling them there came a point in time in my life where I started wanting to become more internet savvy, and that’s when I started my first mixtape series, called the Bar Exam mixtape series. My first introduction to trying to get Internet savvy was the interaction that I had with Joe Budden, and we ended up going back and forth, throwing shots back and forth on records. And then we ended up getting cool – obviously because we started this group – but when I first started to pay attention to Joey, I really started to pay attention to his online marketing. The way that he was able to market himself. He was kind of like a gauge for me, to show me that you don’t really need a label when it comes to releasing music, marketing yourself. The Internet gives you…it’s a huge vehicle, you know what I’m saying? So I kind of like take a lot of the tricks and shit that he does. Quite naturally, I could never get my Instagram to where his is, but I see when he’s using little tricks, and when he’s just being natural. So I kind of follow his blueprint without compromising who I am. But I kind of follow his blueprint in terms of online marketing so that’s definitely something that I don’t mind admitting.
Joell Ortiz
: You know what? You know one thing that I learned from Joe, to be honest with you? He’s really, really, really well spoken. We do a lot of interviews and we talk to a lot of people, and he just knows how to talk. He made me double back and get my speech in order and learn how to expand my vocabulary and talk to people a little bit better than I came into this group talking. So I definitely expanded on my vocab and handling my media a lot better due to Joe. I’ma keep it 100.

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  • LO Lutero

    When you’re winning all Four Quarters. Game Over in Victory. Congrats to the groups successes.

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