RIP Joe Frazier



“Life doesn’t run away from nobody. Life runs at people.” – Joe Frazier, 1944 – 2011

  • Will

    RIP Smokin’ Joe

  • Prince Adekunle

    the world of Boxer will continue to remember you joe

  • Steven Odige


  • Mike Namz


  • Anonymous

    Late entry, i know…

    As a kid, i had very few sports heroes growing up. Joe Frazier was one of them. His quote above is full of irony. I would think that any one of his opponents could have said exactly the same thing, save substituting “Frazier” for the word “Life”. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Frazier.

  • Денис Коваленко

    Вечная память

  • John Sway

    rest in pc king of masumbwi… no body tald me till i find my self here at jay z web…. you will be always the best on ring… RIP… @ kINGbIDA MANDELAZ

  • Blck Bdy

    are there persuasive memorials/living archives in built space?

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