Respect the Shooter: Douglas Lyle Thompson



“6am Swim,” Palm Springs, CA

“As soon as I finished shooting this sunrise, I hopped in for a swim.”

“On The Moon in Musandam,” Musandam Peninsula, Oman

“A friend and I went to Musandam, Oman for a few days to look at the beautiful fjords and fishing villages that were over 1,000 years old. Much of my work derives from obsession and this is a photograph of a beach that I was obsessed with in ways that are hard to describe. I found it funny how more people preferred driving their fancy [Toyota] Land Cruisers around on the sand rather than laying out sunning.”

“Little Jumper,” Aliso Creek, Orange County, CA

“My two brothers organized a trash clean-up along a mile long stretch of the Aliso Creek. I was standing on the bridge you can use to cross it when my younger brother decided he would jump across it.”



  • Rafanelly Deekman

    I still have much to learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ramon A.Armstrong II

    ..good ideas..Genius!

  • russ2004

    there it is, next level different levels. palm springs is hot as fuck though

  • Chris Charles

    Excellent work.

  • Brian Morris

    Like his style

  • Douglas L Thompson

    Cool, thanks.

  • Will Ugwu

    Good stuff!

  • Sumedh Shinde

    very very very respectable..!!!
    i wanna be a photographer myself…
    u are a great inspiration..!

  • Anonymous

    I’m shocked people on this site is impressed with these works. The clarity is on point, as it should be. The basketball courtyard piece is banging: the contrast in color, symmetries, and the added elements, such as the puddle of water. But, that’s the only selection that struck as being remarkable, creative and illuminating. I’m still baffled as to why he would shoot a picture of a sole beach house on a deserted beach, opposed to capturing the cattle.

  • pattaya girls

    fantastic shots you made the sunsets look awsome.

  • Kelly

    Love Huntington Beach!

  • Younes El Manosuri


  • La~Cr€M€

    Hmm so much to learn from the leaders…

  • angry black male

    I am inclined to agree with AmarMenes in the critique of images. the shot of the basketball hoop is vivid, meaningful and it draws you in. as for the balance of the photos, I haven’t acquired a taste for them just yet.

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