Respect the Shooter: Mel D. Cole



Model” (San Diego Hotel, San Diego 2010)

This is a photo of the love of my life and the most special person to me outside of a family member. She has been my rock, my number one fan and my very first model. She started modeling for me three months after we started dating five years ago. She is the one that got away; an ex. But still my friend and muse from afar. She rented this room for us and told me there was something special about it. Once I walked in, I knew what it was. Once she got into the shower and sat down I told her not to move. And we accomplished something amazing from just something so simple which has been a staple of my work: real, gritty, simple and straight forward.

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  • BBE

    Funny how, with the exception of Erykah Badu, none of the women are photographed with clothes on like the men. I guess that would take more imagination????

  • MLLTPhotos

    Amazing photographer and person. I’m honored to have had the chance to shoot beside this man. Keep up the great work Mel!

  • Anonymous

    he’s very talented i have seen his work and i find his photos one of a kind hard work really does pay off

  • Sipo

    THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT. love for photography reignited in an instant.

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