Respect The Shooter: Julien Bowry Speaks On Photographing A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd, Schoolboy Q, and More



A$AP Rocky

“This was taken during my first trip to NYC. I showed up at a DKNY afterparty I’d heard about from friends. Luckily, a friend I’d met that night was on the list and told the doorman to let me in as he was coming out. I shot Rocky about 200 frames before I realized my flash was on. Sort of embarrassing, yet one of the funnest nights I’ve ever had.”

“This was his surprise appearance at the last stop on A$AP Ferg’s Turnt x Burnt tour. He came out with a Jason Voorhees hockey mask on to an already ecstatic crowd. Backstage I watched the Mob pray and give thanks for a successful tour. They cracked jokes and interacted like high school homies. I showed Rocky the shots from his performance in New York. He was humbled. This was one of few shows where I witnessed how human and real celebrities are despite the fact that society makes them out to be superheroes. I think that’s an important thing for fans to remember. We’re all human. This shot will always remind me of that experience.”

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