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Montauk House

World of Interiors described the second home of Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch as “…something quite remarkable: a weekend getaway so filled with the curious that it’s more Kunsthammer than beach cabana.” The designers took a relatively unremarkable 1980s spec house, and without undertaking a wholesale renovation, were able to completely change the feeling and spirit of the place. They removed drywall, added new wood windows, doors, and tambor walls, and undertook extensive interior decoration and exterior landscape efforts.

The Standard Hotel NY

As a brand, the Standard Hotels around the country have always implied sexiness and irony to their guests. The NY Standard in the Meat Packing District of New York has a stark concrete glass and brick exterior floating above the High Line. The Standard’s interiors (designed by Roman and Williams) are varied. “We wanted to create a sense of architecture in our interiors.” In crafting the New York the Standard brand, the guestrooms had to speak to the brand concept while incorporating a finer material palette and making the experience sophisticated enough for the New York, and international, audience. The breathtaking views from the floor to ceiling starfire glass windows of the guestrooms served as the ideal backdrop to Roman and Williams’ open and airy design concept. Packed with texture and color and light, they are clad in customized handmade orange, black and cream tile. The bedrooms have a tambour wooden ceiling and headboard. “We wanted you to feel as thought you were in perfect Modernist cabin.”

  • Sheryl Brown

    Wow! I would love to lay my head in there for about….a year? Sweetdreams!!!!

  • Adeniyi Gabriel

    excellent conversion and renovation

  • Adeniyi Gabriel

    excellent conversion and renovation

  • V R


  • Anonymous

    i stayed there at in january… the restoration is great, the late night food and bar are AMAZING (best grilled cheese sandwich i’ve ever eaten) but the rooms themselves are not very good at all.

  • theboredomthreshold

    Very interesting design, different.

  • Avia Black


  • Custom Furniture

    What a Lovely work of art! impressive sir!

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