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The John Dory Oyster Bar

Roman and Williams designed the John Dory Oyster Bar at the Ace for the same team of Friedman and Bloomfield. “It’s a pop take on the Grand Central Oyster Bar.” Retro metal train station trusses support the ceilings in acid green and massive, fish-filled sconces flower the bar. Doctor Who meets Salvador Dali. Most of the spaces at Ace have a moody non-color vibe but at the John Dory, we decided to contradict that to bring some flash to the Ace Story with glossy black tiles and 70’s Captain’s Stools in Green and Blue.”

The Dutch

The restaurant is on the corner of Prince and Sullivan in SoHo, a leafy corner that for years held the Cub Room. Roman and Williams totally renovated the restaurant that now has three main dining areas with all white brick and rubbed wood and high gloss ceilings. “We made everything by hand from all the lights to the wooden banquets. With huge wooden light fixtures half dipped in red that The New York Times compared to massive pencil tops by Claes Oldenburg. We wanted to create a fresh take on an American Classic. A familiar place that would age well and was made to last. The entire space is an exercise in looking both forward and back, in combining the formal and the informal – from the history of the space, to the eclectic menu, to the mix design references inside. Inspirations are from early SoHo to American roadside diners to great Scandinavian Modernists like Alvar Aalto. Booths are inspired by horse stables with thick wood handrails and the oak was plentiful throughout New York’s history and still is.”

East Fourth Street Loft

As the personal residence of Roman and Williams’ principals Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, the 4th Street loft was converted from an industrial workspace into an iconic downtown New York City residence that has been published in design magazines across the globe. From its high-gloss black floors to its carefully constructed glass enclosed library, the loft stands as a hallmark Roman and Williams design, expressing the firm’s commitment to the use of natural materials, expert craftsmanship, and vintage furnishings and objects. It is a perfect merging of their work and life and represents their inimitable style.

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  • Sheryl Brown

    Wow! I would love to lay my head in there for about….a year? Sweetdreams!!!!

  • Adeniyi Gabriel

    excellent conversion and renovation

  • Adeniyi Gabriel

    excellent conversion and renovation

  • V R


  • Anonymous

    i stayed there at in january… the restoration is great, the late night food and bar are AMAZING (best grilled cheese sandwich i’ve ever eaten) but the rooms themselves are not very good at all.

  • theboredomthreshold

    Very interesting design, different.

  • Avia Black


  • Custom Furniture

    What a Lovely work of art! impressive sir!

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