• V R

    yessir! no need fo the reminder.

    how can i forget…that ur my guru, my spirit guide..i would not be shit with out u…
    80% of what i know outside of my career is all because of u…
    u opened doors to knowledge for me to pursue,,
    made a dumbass muthafucka like me worth a dollar or two..
    u slapped me when i made a mistake propped me when i was down..
    thanks fo the inspiration big bro i will rumble my way to the boss shit and neva be a clown..

    wish you and ur family a very happy, prosperous, healthy and a lot more wealthy 2012!

  • Stephon Hale

    Stephon ” Swizzi / Iszi ” Hale Sr. A unit of ( A.S.C.A.P ) Watch’n'learn the competition is won , as hater’z fall beneath ( Me ) !

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