Rage Against The Machine’s Most Incendiary Moments



Gitmo Get Up

After the 2007 reunion, Rage played a series of festivals and one-off shows. Many of these featured a new “look” for the band as all the members dressed in orange jumpsuits with masks over their heads – outfits seen on Guantanamo Bay prisoners. These outfits also coincided with Rage’s run playing in Minneapolis during the 2008 Republican National Convention. The band would later attempt to play a free show, but was stopped by the police, despite having a permit. Vocalist Zack de la Rocha and Tom Morello appeased the crowd with an a cappella rendition of “Bulls On Parade.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/juliendufresne888 Julien Dufresne

    I love it!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.fritz.526 John Fritz

    Hello – I am trying to get
    Zack de la Rocha’s email address. I live in Wilmington, DE and have some ideas for him regarding converting his political ideas into reality. In case Zack or a friend of his happens to read this, my email is fritzjf@live.com……also i wanted to convey the title of a book to him – “the creature from Jekyl Island” … it is, at least to me, a fascinating book about the history of the federal reserve. parts of it cover the civil war, and the point at which Lincoln converted the war from being about just money into being “about” the end of slavery. anyway, i wanted to start a dialog with
    zack, which i think he would find extremely interesting. John fritz

  • nappy247man

    The whole thing was planned

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