Rage Against The Machine’s Most Incendiary Moments



The Reunion; RATM vs. Fox News

Cited as one of the most historic festival nights, Coachella 2007 saw Rage Against The Machine reunite after a seven-year split. Against its signature black flag/red star backdrop, the band opened with Zack de la Rocha’s signature opening line, “Good evening, we are Rage Against The Machine from Los Angeles, California” to a packed audience, before launching into “Testify.” But, it was with his speech during the breakdown of “Wake Up” (at the 4:48 mark) where Rage would make the most noise. Paraphrasing author Noam Chomsky and citing the Geneva Convention’s code on war criminals, de la Rocha laid the case that under these international laws, U.S. Presidents from “Truman on[wards] would have been tried, hung, and shot” as war criminals. Word spread like wildfire and soon Fox News’ Ann Coulter had a field day dismissing Rage as “losers,” and “their fans [as] losers.” At a later show, de la Rocha responded to Fox News by saying, “Those fascist motherfuckers at the Fox News Network attempted to pin this band into a corner by suggesting that we said that the President should be assassinated. No, what we said was that he should be brought to trial as a war criminal and hung and shot. That’s what we said.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/juliendufresne888 Julien Dufresne

    I love it!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.fritz.526 John Fritz

    Hello – I am trying to get
    Zack de la Rocha’s email address. I live in Wilmington, DE and have some ideas for him regarding converting his political ideas into reality. In case Zack or a friend of his happens to read this, my email is fritzjf@live.com……also i wanted to convey the title of a book to him – “the creature from Jekyl Island” … it is, at least to me, a fascinating book about the history of the federal reserve. parts of it cover the civil war, and the point at which Lincoln converted the war from being about just money into being “about” the end of slavery. anyway, i wanted to start a dialog with
    zack, which i think he would find extremely interesting. John fritz

  • nappy247man

    The whole thing was planned

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