Producer Symbolyc One Breaks Down Producing For Kanye West, Watch The Throne, Pusha T & More



“My Life” – 50 Cent feat. Eminem and Adam Levine

“I met G-Unit A&Rs, Dre Mckenzie and Tony G, back in 2008. I was sending them joints for 50 Cent for a couple years. In 2010, Dre told me to hold two beats that Fif said he wanted to purchase. A couple months later while in NY, I stopped by the G-Unit office and 50 Cent happen to be there. He jumped up from his meeting and pulled me into his office to play the beats and spit his rhymes for me live in person. He also explained the concepts and told me this could be huge. Years passed by and I was only getting small pieces of information on the whereabouts of the record. A Universal rep told me that Eminem had hopped on the song, then someone else told me that Adam Levine had jumped on it. A couple months before it released, G-Unit hit me up to do the paperwork and finalize everything. That’s when I [officially] found out it was gonna be Fif’s single and feature Eminem and Adam Levine.”

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