Producer Symbolyc One Breaks Down Producing For Kanye West, Watch The Throne, Pusha T & More



“Murder to Excellence” – Watch The Throne

“Well this song actually started as two separate songs. I produced the “Excellence” half and Swizz Beatz produced the “Murder” part. I originally produced this beat for Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye held onto the beat and when I flew out to London to work on Watch the Throne, he plays the beat in the session for Jay. Jay turns around and looks at me like “What’s this?” About 20 minutes later, Jay is pulling up to the mic to record his verse for it. Ye shortly follows. It was an incredible moment. Then Ye was like “This sounds similar to the other track “Black on Black Murder” that we recorded.” so he merged the two together. The transition was so magical. We was all jumping around the studio listening to it.”

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