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El Celler Can Roca
Girona, Spain
Spain’s red-hot cuisine scene won’t suffer much from Ferran Adria’s temporary (two-year) shuttering of El Bulli thanks to places like this. El Celler moved to a new bright and airy space in 2007 and has since gone into hyperspace with its emphasis on “emotional cuisine” and inspired wine pairing techniques. (

Adour Alain Ducasse
New York, NY
Didier Elena recently took over the formal dining room in Manhattan’s famed St. Regis Hotel at Adour, and he’s turning out tasting menus that turn a meal into an event. The multi-course tasting menus vary from meat-centric (with insane foie gras) to a veggie option that slays. (

Osteria Francescana
Modena, Italy
Chef Massimo Bottura makes what some have called “the most cutting edge food in Italy,” including a dish that pays homage to NYC’s skyline with Italian meats standing in for buildings and parsley taking the part of Central Park. There’s sick contemporary art on the walls, though it can’t compete with what’s on the plate.(

La Colombe
Constania, South Africa
A British chef serving Asian-influenced French food in a South African resort about 20 minutes from Cape Town? Sign us up. Wine pairing here takes on new meaning, like when the South African Riesling complements a halibut miso yaki with salted fig dressing. That’s a whole different kind of refreshing.(

Recently located to a roomier locale inside the Hilton Singapore Hotel, Iggy’s continues to serve artful Asian fusion on custom-made Limoges plates. Chef Ignatius “Iggy” Chan continues to explore how Eastern flavors adapt to Western techniques, and the restaurant’s culinary experiments are yielding game-changing results. (

  • Anonymous

    Kinda wish i was a jet settin foodie instead of a regular ol detroit foodie….

  • Edwina @FASHION+ART

    It would be so fab to pay a visit to each one of these outstanding restaurants. What a fine fantasy!

  • Jacob Black

    Alinea is as legit as they come. Best Restaurant in the World.

  • Anonymous

    Lucky living in Chicago and attempting to be a regular @ Alinea. Never ceases to blow your mind no matter how high expectations are.

  • Anonymous

    Any suggestions for Barcelona and Lisbon?

  • Anonymous

    Mr. SC, It’s wonderful when everyones’ dreams come true, are not life’s blessings astounding!!!

  • John Harris JJ

    Im from Chicago so I checked out the menu for Alinea. Ehhem $195 a “plate”. I guess my broke ass will stick to White Castles

  • Angel Gammage

    Since im a secret chef (dont tell anyone cuz they always want my food) i love the fact that your a foodie too! In my life there are only a few things ill fight for my money, my family and my food!

    On tonights menu: Country beef ribs with veggies/collard greens with turkey wings/yams/sugar roasted corn on the cob…… going to bed :)

  • chantal [meta musings]

    Barcelona suggestions would be amazing! Going there in May!!

  • chantal [meta musings]

    Do you have any suggestions for Barcelona? Going there in May!!

  • Anonymous

    I am disappointed that Adour Alain Ducasse is on the list since they serve fois gras which is animal cruelty. I thought you had better taste… VERY disappointed.

  • Nero

    Just ate at binkleys,like Grant Achats, another protoge of Thomas Keller, this retaurant is tucked away in a shopping center in cave creek just north of scottsdale. It was the best meal I have ever had. Jay, if you are really a foodie, you cannot miss out on this place next time your in scottsdale. P.S ask for the foi gras 3 ways, its the best dish I have ever seen/eaten.

  • Nicole

    I wanna see your New York City restaurant list!

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