• Karim El Jaouhari

    looks awesome all the way from morocco :D



  • FriendofMine

    Is that TorC New Mexico?

  • Anonymous

    So awesome!

  • Charlotte Allen

    This is a star studded cast!! I still say it should’ve been a movie lol!! I may not get a chance to catch you guys in concert but I know it’ll be the BOMB! Besides someone will put it on Youtube lol!
    Have fun and make history :)

  • Marco Cappelluzzo


    JIZZA? ,- You Do A Great Job!

  • Uche Okpala © ✉

    #Epic Wish That Trailer Lasted For 45minutes Not Just 3 Minutes

  • tipp0183

    I would watch the film.

  • Jonathan Galloway

    you know the trailer for on the run reminded me whose a young jiggaman myself of a past love relationship i had with One of those beyonce’s that almost drove my as insane. I mean the things that I went through in 20002 up too 2009 was that portion of the movie and it was times when we where apart and I still did the damb thing..I Love it and I pray that those none beleivers stop interfferring with some thing that fine. Peace young hova One78:) Brooklyn, Harlem, Texas love thing get that…..

  • Dameon Mincer

    yeah after watching the faux trailer……I kinda thought this was coming in “nevruary”!!

  • Juliana Santos

    This tour is going to be epic! Been waiting for something like this forever!

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