The Fragrances of Le Labo



Founded five years ago by French duo Edouard Roschi and Fabrice Penot, boutique Le Labo specializes in creating custom fragrances. As Penot demonstrates during Life + Times’ visit to their NoLiTa location, Le Labo prides itself on engaging their customers intimately—in a similar vein to the very connections their creations inspire.

  • Nadav Mor

    is there any way to contact you guys to suggest content?

  • Nadav Mor

    Is there any way to contact you and suggest content?

  • Brigid Crowley

    “Don’t make a product, make a creation.” — More people should do business that way. Such a refreshing business model/store/product. Big fan of Le Labo.


    Rather unique.

  • laura

    Very cool. Love the concept and as a now west coaster who lived in NYC, you are making me miss New York!!!

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