NBA Free Agency: Summer Ball



Dwight Howard

The Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard actions this season, has erased LeBron James’ “Decision” from the collective memories of King James’ detractors. Although the six-time All-Star and three-time Defensive Player of the Year won’t become a free agent until 2013, his transgressions against the Magic has pushed his departure to become imminent. Howard became the villain of a franchise, then a city, and now the league when he requested a trade to the Brooklyn Nets last week. The Magic say they haven’t committed to honoring “Superman’s” latest trade demand, but will keep communication lines open between Howard and his agent. Howard told Yahoo! Sports Monday that he won’t sign long-term with another team if the Magic decide to trade him to somewhere other than Brooklyn. Which means, this ordeal can extend all the way until next summer. At least the man knows what he wants.

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