NBA 2K13 Executive Produced by JAY Z



  • JR Rider

    Hov really has his hands on almost every project

  • Anonymous

    This is gunna be an ill basketball game 2k12 was hot but this ones gunna be ill… i played 2k12 the other day at my boyz house he had the downloaded rosters so i ran with the Brooklyn nets he had the knicks when i tell you it was a hell of a game i mean it! he caught a lil 4th quarter run an i took the L by 4 but shit it was a good one , cant wait! big up jayz!

  • Marlo Stanfield


  • Itsmrpressplay

    This looks ill, Hov you did it again.


    does this guy really have his name on the cover? sheesh! What is he gonna do next?!

  • Randy Brown

    Nice, But Jay are you a gamer?

  • James Suber

    worst gaming cover ever, Why is Blake ass on it anyways Lebron should of been somewhere on that cover just saying,



  • Joe kinetic

    Would be nice if I could produce one of the tracks Jay. Just saying..

  • Joe kinetic

    My bad.. This I Joe Kinetic.. Just in-case you was wondering who wanted to produce one of them tracks.. One!

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